Suzie’s Tomato

My speciality is photographing people and events.

Nobody said nothin’ about taking pictures of veggies and fruit…OK!

But there I was, staring at this tomato on my friend’s kitchen counter. “Look at it” I said to my self, “It’s …beautiful, the way the light plays on it’s red skin” I continued in my mind.

What’s this? I knife? “Oh, no … Don’t cut it” I shouted … in my mind

So I grabbed it and took it back to the safety of my studio. Where it is now immortilized on film.

Safely immortilized, I promptly got out a big honkin’ knife, sliced it and had me a fine salad.

You know, if I can perfect this fruit and vegetable rescue I may never have to shop again.

C ya

That’s My Boy

I shouldn’t be surprised, after all he got his brains from his Mother.

A couple of months ago my son graduated with a degree in Bio-Medical Science with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology.

Yea, pretty heavy. Now he is headed off to Med School. Gotta love it.

Too many times I’d be casually walking into the family room to spend a little quality time with my Wife and Son and they’d be watching the Surgery Channel … “Oh look how they are cutting through the bone…and there’s hardly no blood…” Yea, I don’t think so.

But look at that face…that’s my boy.

He is a wicked good drummer … so I’ve that going for me.

C ya.

PS. remember what Mark Twain said : If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything” … I can do that


My favorite model is SK8rGurl. Over the years I’ve photographed her more times than I can remember. OK, it’s been 12,693 times, approximately.

This photo is from a series I shot in our driveway a few years ago and it is one of my all time favorites.

I once read that even the greatest photographers are often awed by the photos that they have taken. The joke is that someone must have stolen their camera and took the photo.

For me, this is one of those photos.


BTW – What would you do differently today, if you knew that you couldn’t fail?

The Eyes Have It

Where does innocence live?

I think it’s in the eyes of a child.

These photos are from a series I did entitled “Christmas in their Eyes”.

It’s no wonder that we look into one’s eyes to see them more clearly.

What a shame that our innocence is lost. I’m just glad that we have our children to remind us of just how much we’ve lost.

The Moment – that moment

Hey! don’t look at the camera, it’s gotta be un-posed, natural …OK, that’s good, now hold that un-posed …pose.

I want to be noticed, I want to be elected, I want to be a PHOTOJOURNALIST. Because there is no greater title that can bestowed upon one-who-holds-camera-to-face and yells “Say Cheese”. So, I wanna be a photo… you know.

Recently I applied to go to the Eddie Adams Workshop. This is one of the ultimate gettogethers for photographers. They choose 100 photographers that have less than three years working as a pro and they couple them with 150 industry gurus. With a focus on photojournalism I knew that this was going to be a life changing experience for me. I was so pumped. I thought that I had chosen my best stuff for the portfolio, I paid my application fee, lined up an objective reference to say all the right stuff, sent it all in and waited. I didn’t get in.

I am disappointed. I’ll try again next year. Hey, this was just my first real rejection, with many more to come. .. So, I’ve got that going for me. But they still saw my stuff. As un-photojournalistic as it was.

Best regards from your Photojournalist one-who-holds-camera-to face and yells “Say Cheese” Friend. Bus

When you come to the fork in the road of life, just don’t stand there and waste time. Remember, if you really screw up, you can call your friends and they will lead you back.

You often find your fate on the road you take to avoid it

Flowers for Al and Ron

I am amazed how many people would prefer a photo of a flower or a tomato than an 11X14 of one of my kids. Go figure. And the kids are so cute too.

A couple of days ago I went looking for some color in the world and I came upon a bed of pansies. (forgive me if these aren’t pansies) There were so many of them. It was a sea of color. That’s all I got to say about that.

Oh, and who is “Al and Ron”? Well, it all goes back to a book/movie that I had to read/watch which made me feel quite uncomfortable as a teenager. That’s all I got to say about that.

Stay focused young Skywalker, may the force be with ya kid

Catching Up with Time

The world moves so fast. Actually it’s time that is moving so fast and if we take the time to enjoy the moments I doubt that we’ll miss them so much. (note to self …HEY listen to yourself!)

Without a doubt, one of the best judges of what the situation requires is the President of the company that is my day job. ( Pictured here hugging one of my co-workers). I took this photo at an event where my co-worker was getting an award. All of the “hand shakers” were dutifully shaking his hand … “great job” and “You da man” etc. The President jumped up from his seat and grabbed my co-worker and with a theatrical /comic gesture(and a smile)gave him a big hug. We all laughed and applauded.

A dinner followed and I asked him about the hug. He said “Bus-man” …that’s what he calls me, “I live each moment as completely as I can and I don’t care what people think of me”. Luckily before I laughed, I saw in his eyes that he was dead serious. I know, it was a cliche’thing for him to say. But in the humor of the hug and the smile on his and my co-worker’s face we all saw the most truthful moment of the evening.

I can learn from that.

Time rushes, it soon blurs and we forget. Photos allow us to catch up and remember
See ya