Catching Up with Time

The world moves so fast. Actually it’s time that is moving so fast and if we take the time to enjoy the moments I doubt that we’ll miss them so much. (note to self …HEY listen to yourself!)

Without a doubt, one of the best judges of what the situation requires is the President of the company that is my day job. ( Pictured here hugging one of my co-workers). I took this photo at an event where my co-worker was getting an award. All of the “hand shakers” were dutifully shaking his hand … “great job” and “You da man” etc. The President jumped up from his seat and grabbed my co-worker and with a theatrical /comic gesture(and a smile)gave him a big hug. We all laughed and applauded.

A dinner followed and I asked him about the hug. He said “Bus-man” …that’s what he calls me, “I live each moment as completely as I can and I don’t care what people think of me”. Luckily before I laughed, I saw in his eyes that he was dead serious. I know, it was a cliche’thing for him to say. But in the humor of the hug and the smile on his and my co-worker’s face we all saw the most truthful moment of the evening.

I can learn from that.

Time rushes, it soon blurs and we forget. Photos allow us to catch up and remember
See ya

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