Four girls, best friends, One last picture to remember the summer before going away for their second year at college.

Will one choose a family
and Will one choose fame
Will one leave forever
and will one
bring them together again

We all have a purpose, a calling and a place in the puzzle.


Yes, this is Skippy; the dog.

My pal. Skippy was always smiling … Actually this is fairly serious pose for Skippy.

Skippy is no longer with us.

Years ago, when I was just a wee pup myself, there was another Skippy. He was the original Skippy. I still remember the day my Dad took Skippy to the vet for one last visit. I was numb as we said goodbye, as I watched the car pull away.

But this time it was my turn. If you’ve never taken that drive, that last drive to the vet with your pal, your Skippy. It’s beyond words. Walking up to the door of the animal hospital, the same door that Skippy had gone through so many times before. The young Vet tech behind the counter with a cheery ” and hows Skippy doing today?” and then she checks the book and she just looks away…

Skippy was always smiling, he gave me a great smile when we said good-bye that day