Ray Ray

Ray Ray
I meet quite a few characters as a photographer, well they appear to be characters anyway. We are all in the end wearing our own costumes to get us through the day.
I met Ray Ray recently at the Life is Good Pumpkin festival in Boston. I asked him if he was working …he said “no, I’m just here for the festival”. As we talked I found out that his background was in fashion …yes, fashion …you know, clothes. We discussed the clothing that people were wearing, how that color was a bold choice etc. Which really caught me off guard.
I wanted to get more information, but it wasn’t going to happen.
So I never found out if Ray Ray was an avid reader or the real thing. Interesting how you really can’t judge a book (or person) by their cover.
Today is Halloween here in the US. So happy Day


We’ve begun the holiday season, see the smile? That’s the smile of Halloween. That’s the smile of “I’m gonna get a big bag of candy” Twelve pounds of candy … if the kid is smart he’ll hide all the good stuff before his parents “check the bag just to be sure that it’s all OK” ( wink wink). As his Dad says ” Oh look …I love this candy bar….you have so much can I have it???” “sure Dad, knock yourself out …no really Dad, go right ahead, it’s way too much for me”

And parents wonder why the kids stuff as much candy as they can into their bodies before they get home from Halloweening.

Come to think of it, I used to eat a one pound chocolate Easter Bunny before church … no wonder I felt so sick

Soon the stores will be in the holiday spirit. Stay happy and forget all your troubles

Look behind

I have no idea what they’re talking about

But theres a lot going on around us, in the background, behind the main event, at the rear of the room.

And that my friend is one of the most important things taught to photographers, turn around and take that picture too

Two People that I Admire

Of all of the kings and Nobel prize winners, Presidents, teachers, …photographers and musicians that I have known … well known of anyway. Two people stand out as those I most admire.

My children were born considerate and caring. But after all they are brother and sister, so publicly they hate each other. But without any fanfare they are persuing their careers. My son (the hockey player/teacher/science wiz) is in grad school studying to be a nurse practitioner and my daugher (the actress/hockey player/redhead) is in Europe studying acting.

Do it without a fanfare. That’s what they taught me. Make a difference, persue your dreams, give a gift that is so deeply special that the recipient is speechless. The fanfare is such a waste of time and energy. All it gets you is false adoration. which is something both of them steer clear of.

I hope that the fanfare finds them, I’d like them to have it all. The money, the fame, the cover of Newsweek. But they’ll avoid the press conference I’ll bet.

A Race for the Cure

Recently I was asked to photograph the Susan B Komen – Race for a Cure which was held at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. It’s a 3K road race where the focus is on raising the awareness of breast cancer.

After picking up my official tee shirt, I headed to the survior’s tent. The closer I got, the more excited I felt …there was a familar smell in the air …Coffee …Starbucks coffee. This was going to be a good day! Wait a minute, I wasn’t there for the coffee…OK, I’ll just have a cup (or three) and then get back to work. Which I did.

As I was walking around the tent I saw such a sea of pink. Hats, wigs and of course the pink tee shirts worn by the survivors. I came across this couple. He was pinning on her number for the race and they were laughing a bit because he was doing such a bad job.

After talking with them for a few minutes about the day and the cause, and the coffee… I said that I had to get going and I told the woman that I hope she wins … with out missing a beat, the husband leaned over to his wife and giving her a hug said..”We already did”…

and that was the last time I made that mistake …that day anyway


She entered the park wearing
A jester’s hat, bright red and blue scarf,
a florescent green tutu, ice hockey pads
and stilts strapped on with duck tape and an ace bandage
I asked her if she was an actress. She answered “All the time”

Nikon Hat

Rosanne Pinnella
Last Saturday I attended a Nikon Master class led by world famous travel photographer Rosanne Pinnella.

Travel and people photography is all about getting the subject comfortable with you taking their picture or in getting to the right place at the right time to get a magnificent photo that will end up on the cover of National Geographic.

Rosanne’s photos are full of rich colors, sharp focus and excellent composition. Well the ones that end up in magazine’s, on billboards and travel sites are any way. But you ask her something technical about her camera and she’ll tell you “I learn what I need to know and bring the manuals for what I don’t remember”. Hey, just like me …I said to myself.
I like being around “masters”, they are excited to have reached where they are. Most also realize how far they still must go.
As for the Nikon hat they gave me … I’m a Canon shooter, and that’s like being a Democrat, which I also am. But I think I’ll keep the hat so that I can wear it if I ever need to enter “the enemy camp” again.


I was born a minister’s son, Yes, I am a son of a preacher man
Much closer to God for sure, you know, just like the Pope’s kids
…that is if he had any,
But don’t call me with questions about heaven, hell, purgatory, etc. Cause I was just kidding. Not about being a minister’s kid, just about being any closer to God.
Oh, this is an actual picture of heaven, maybe


Grace is a lost art. But this is it.

It’s quiet and slow,
and soft and comforting
and calming.

Grace makes us strong because it takes the time to tell us
to be kind and caring.

Grace is such a lost art.

Make grace … not war

Roses are red and pink and blue

These are Lori’s roses, she let me borrow them to photograph. I think that she knew that I’d never give them back.

I still have them. Each day they wither a bit more.

I’m doing what I can to keep them alive, but I’m not God you know.

Roses are red and pink and white and blue. And like us all, one day they will die.