That’s a Close Up!

I usually focus on the eyes … you know – enter the soul, see the truth, be the ball …
The eyes can smile, they can be sad, they tell the truth
I enjoy photographing children; It’s their eyes. I see their happiness, innocence, wonder and too often sadness. But in it all I see their hope. Even if they don’t know it yet, they have hope.
Recently I spent some time looking at family portraits that I’ve done and I noticed the eyes of the Grand Mothers. Surrounded by their childern and grand children I see a mixture pride and sadness. There isn’t a lot of energy left and very little hope.
This smile is Mary, one of my favorite people to photograph. She is hope – full of hope – Hope is her… and I know that her life is full of sadness. All she has ever asked me is to “whiten my teeth” (not done to this image…sorry Mary) and when I do, it’s the first thing she mentions.
I love to see hope, I tell people to hope, to go to that place of hope when they are being photographed…and every time they smile. Hope is all yours, don’t lose hope.


Milestones are meant to be documented, celebrated, remembered

But when you reach them and look back at where you were they can be surprising too

Just when you think you’re kid’s future is going to zigdefinitely zig, it zags

Like DocBoy, my son did.

My son is a hockey player, it’s in his soul, a locker room is his favorite smell, the cold ice is his favorite surface … he asked for a hockey stick while still in the womb

This is a picture of the day he received his pin, He is now an RN and one day soon will be a Nurse Practioner, with a focus on the brain.

So what? who cares? Big deal!

But you see, you didn’t live it. You didn’t see it. For this was was not only DocBoy’s milestone, it was mine as well

There is great chaos under heaven and it is wicked excellent

Sk8rGurl at 21

This is Sk8rGurl, my fav girl, my Daughter
She is the model that never turns me down when I want to test out a new lens or lighting. She knows how important she is to me.
This past week-end she turned the big 21.
Over the years I never understood the things my Mother said about my successes, little as they were.
But I understand it now. I try not to mention every little thing Sk8rGurl does that makes me proud, even though I think I’ll bust if I don’t
Sk8rGurl at 21

It’s just a feeling

It’s all just a feeling, just a guess, just a message
The world is telling me to listen and don’t wait for the right time, the best time, the time of my life … to act
Take back the night, it’s your night,
I want to listen, I really do
I do see the world through the viewfinder you know, whether I have a camera in my hands or not. We all do, it’s our safe place.
I once had my friend Skip tell me that he smoked cigarettes because he was never alone when he was smoking one. He was my best friend and I become closer to him that day.
Tell your friend your secret. You’ll be free