The Portrait Party

One thing I like to do when shooting an event in bring along a nice background and capture some simple formal portraits as the guests arrive.
Everyone loves the images they receive and I get to meet everyone in 5 minute segments.

But then later in the evening, groups come back for some less formal, OK, a bit goofy shots that just make the events so much fun.

Please let me know if you want to learn more about how the Portrait Party event is structured.

Orange Flowers

Spring has sprung!

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming (lots of flowers), and I am on a personal mission to capture that perfect spring time image.
These flowers caught my eye and I so I thought I take them into the studio for a quick session. They posed beautifully! Not a word out of them.
They are now happily back in a vase of water and are doing just fine. And as for that drooping one in a number of the images? It came back to life and is standing as tall as the rest. Must be my fine horticultural skills … or luck …
Hey, let me know if you’d like a copy of any of these. These images and many more can be found on my PhotoShelter site –

Moments Rush

The bond between children and their parents is incredible. And I am so honored to be there to capture it.

They may be laughing or cuddling or just sitting with each other, but it’s always special.
And then later when we get together to view and choose the images they would like printed, I can see how special these moments are to them. And how thankful they are that the images will be there to enjoy forever.
My favorites are the candids, when they are enjoying just being together.


Brianna walked into the session this past week with her Mother and I was surprised to see how much she had changed. I hadn’t seen her since last October when I photographed an event that she had attended with her family.

She was more mature as you might guess, but more focused as well. We started by discussing clothing, possible poses and the purpose of the images we were going to capture that day.
Brianna is an aspiring actress and singer so she needed some basic headshots. This is something I do all the time.

Then we thought that it would be fun to just relax and see where it went. She was great, it seemed that everything she did was perfect and natural.

Then I asked if we could do some shots that were a bit different. I put some bubble wrap up as a backdrop and took a few shots. It’s a harsh look and very trendy. Just what I wanted.

Thanks Brianna, it was a great shoot!

The White Board

Unless you add to it
It’s empty, so this is what I wrote.
The White Board has been a part of the family for many many years,
This was on the board for about two years. Longer than any thing before.
now it’s been erased …FINALLY
So why now?
Cause I finally realized what to write.

Sk8rGurl Gets a Ring

Sk8rGurl … my fav Sk8rGurl just got a ring

It’s a small ring, as you can see, but a ring all the same
I’m in this business for a reason, it’s simple and nobel. Hey! it is nobel.
Sometimes you capture the image and do the best job that you can so that it will be forever, to share and enjoy … and sometimes, so that we can look back and say “Did I really do that?”
Yes, Sk8rGurl, you really did that.