GirlFriends on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration.
We bring Mom a present, maybe some flowers, maybe some recognition for putting up with us. And just maybe we take a step back and realize how important Mom is to us.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me to photograph her and her Daughter on Mother’s Day. I agreed. I hadn’t seen her Daughter is quite some time and I had never seen them interact.

The day came and we just went for a walk to find a good spot for the session.

There is a bond between Mother and Daughter, unlike any other. They understand and respect each other. I think that there’s a secret code they have as well.
One that I was not included in.
But it sure did make for great images. And that my friend is all I ever want.

Red Noses

For a few years now, I have been photographing the plays at Norwood High School in Norwood MA. It all started when my Daughter was in the plays there and I’ve just kept doing it.

A few days ago, the school presented “Red Noses”, a very funny show with a crazy pope and a vampy Nun. And then there are the red noses.
I tell people that I am so busy capturing the images that I have a hard time keeping up with the story line. With this play, I didn’t have a chance.
This is the last production of the school year. I hear that the school may be doing Grease in September. I can’t wait!

Orange County

Orange County, it’s got a ring to it. It sounds warm and famous. movie stars …swimming pools

I had the pleasure to work a corporate event in Irvine Californina … Orange County a few weeks ago.

Somehow I expected to see Tom Cruise or Sylvestor Stalone or maybe Julia Roberts driving by. But no, no one drove by, I didn’t do lunch or “have my people call your people”

There were a lot of palm trees though. And that was nice.


My Father was a pastor, I never knew him, he died many months before I was born.

I was however surrounded by his memory. Actually it was more like a feeling. To this day I still feel that he is with me.
I have a certain comfort when I am around some pastors I have known. These are the people that don’t act as if they know God personally, because I certainly don’t.
A pastor is a human afterall, just like you and me.

I get photograph the pastor at my church quite often as I am photographing various events there. These are usually the ones where the children involved. I like photographing children, flowers and fruit … now there’s a great tag line!
and now here’s Pastor!

An Apple’s Life

Photographers “document”, we “capture” and we do other nobel things. Yes, we are fine human beings! We are also full of ourselves sometimes. OK, most of the time.

Me? I like apples. Actually I like photographing them much more than eating them.
October 2005 I was given an apple by Sk8rGurl (my Daughter). I photographed it (of course)and put it in the back of the fridge.

A year later … I photographed it again . It still looked good, enough to photograph anyway.

And then October 2007 …yes, out of the fridge and on to the table … it’s time for your close up.

This apple is not an apple, it’s something that my Daughter gave me. It is something that I document, something I capture … it’s something nobel. Well, in my own scattered mind anyway.

Here is an image I took last night, three apples in different stages of life.

Make A Quiet Little Circus Difference

I don’t claim to understand the pain of a disease such as AIDS, or the dedication of those who are trying to cure it, or those who are trying to help make a difference in any way that they can.

“Equity” is a professional actors organization. Among a number of worth causes, Equity has taken on the job of helping inform the public about AIDS through their craft.

I attended one such event in Boston last December 2007 and just now I am at a point where I can write about it . It was a mixture of acting and music. the four actors from Emerson College had interviewed AIDS patients and then created a monologue to present to the audience.

The performances were moving, sad, real, comical, offensive, they made you angry … all the emotions at the same time.

I stood in the back of the dimly lit room and shot a few images just to document the event. I have also attached a short video of the program at the end of this blog. You should watch it.

After the presentation, there was a reception. You see all of the people portrayed were there, they were there to see their story told and to share that evening with the actors. But there wasn’t much saddness in the room. It was a more a feeling of respect.
Remember … watch the video , the link is below.

Sk8rGurl and Northrup

The theater … ah the theater! Actors and the theater

I spend a fair amount of time capturing theatrical productions. Yes, that’s me – in the back of the hall with a long lens snapping hundreds of images. Beautiful costumes and lighting, striking poses and expressions make memorable images.

But the images that I capture after the production, when the actors have left the stage often produce some incredible candid shots. Because actors just keep on acting.

Recently I photographed a production by the Prospect Players, a community theater group in Norwood MA. After the show I was speaking with two of the actors, snapping a few more shots and they just couldn’t come out of character.

I think it was more an appreciation of each other’s talent. But for me, it was an opportunity to capture some magic.