Francis is a character and he’s an actor. A man of many faces and voices. So I was excited when he asked me to do his headshot session


With a person like Francis it was easy to get an unlimited number of poses … “So Francis, tell me about that Nephew of yours” And into character he goes …” You’re not being a good boy and you have to listen to me” and then he just laughed

Francis, have you ever done any spy movies? and there he goes! ” The name is Bond .. Francis Bond!”

Paula and Delia

Portrait sessions go through a lot of stages.
Paula brought her Daughter Delia over for a session and it went great.

I’ve photographed both of them together a number of times so I decided to get a few shots of them together.

They are so natural together, it made my job so easy to just capture the events as they happened.

But it still holds true. We look for that one great moment, that image that makes the whole session worth it.

I think Delia was getting a bit tired and she got very serious. I snapped the image just as Paula kissed her lightly and the session was a Perfect!

Spring Time

There is truly no best season of the year. Each one gives me another opportunity to capture images that are unique.

Sk8rGurl, my favorite model had discovered that the trees were beginning to bloom and I was just lucky enough to be there with my camera, OK, yes it never leaves my side.
This is the beauty of life, this is the quiet joy that I love to capture. It’s all about the moment and pushing the shutter to save it for all to see.

and yes, these were shot in the cemetery

Rich Morton

Rich Morton is an actor. He’s also a great photographer who has taught me quite abit.

But Rich was an actor this night. He is happy on the stage and it shows.

In this production Rich was portraying Beverely Carlton. A man that knew that he was a great actor and was willing to write the reviews for the papers so that everyone else knew it as well.

As you can see, I was there in the audience to capture everything. He makes a statement everytime he hits the stage.

Astronauts and Baby Carriages

I don’t get the opportunity to shoot astronauts, historical figures and gun-toting pioneers in three corner hats too often. But every year I do when Norwood holds it’s annual Children’s Fourth of July parade.

The main street in town is closed off and at 1:00 PM hundreds of children come down Washington Street though the center of town walking, riding their bikes, pushing doll carriages and motorized mini tanks. And I’m there to capture it.
It is one of my favorite days of the year, Everyone is in a great mood and the kids all get a ribbon and a tee-shirt for their participation.
It’s small town fun and I love it.

Early Saturday Morning

A summer day, the sun is up early and so am I. And what am I looking for? Beautiful green summer grass.

I headed over to Bird Park in Walpole, MA to scout out some great places.

They have huge fields with small yellow flowers hidden amoung the tall grass, Perfect for some low level shots.

But soon enough all this will be gone again, I better get moving if I’m going to take adavantage of it. Call soon if you want your summer time portraits in the cool grass!

Memorial Day Parade 2008

I do my best to capture images from the parades in town. The faces of the people that are marching and the people that are watching.

It’s nice to see the cub scouts, brownies, matching bands … all the Townies. All the people that love the town and cherish the people that live here.

This was the Memorial Day parade. It is especially good to capture the images of those who served in the armed forces and those who are still in service marching side-by-side in the parade. You can see how they look at each other and see such different things.

This was a great day.

Ralph’s Party

It was Ralph’s birthday and I had taken on the job to capture as much as I could.

As you can see it was Christmas time and Ralph was in the spirit. These were just a few quick snapshots, but I’m glad that I was there that day.

Ralph passed away a short time after these images were taken. It was my honor to have known Ralph for many years.

Lori’s Rose

Roses have such a short time on this earth. Well, such a short time when they are at their peak for being photographed.

These are images of Lori’s Rose. Lori is a magnet for presents, her fiance is constantly sending her flowers and candy. All the better for me.

There will be future “Lori’s roses” sessions and I’ll be ready!


I think that Seniors are a lot more confident that we think. They come to me a bit concerned as to how they will look in their images.

As soon as they realize that I am there to capture who they are, they begin to relax.

They know how they see themselves and they want everyone to see them that way too. Ready for college and take on the world.

I think they’re sometimes surprised when they see the shots, they really do look as confident as they feel.

Liz was a great model. She’s a little quirky, gave me just a half smile and then she went into a very very serious and mysterious mood for the camera and the camera loved it.

The images really show who Liz is.