The Dons – A Rock and Roll Band – In Color

We all know a performer that is over the top … maybe just a bit too much. And we also know when we see the real thing.

I love everytime I am asked to photograph The Dons, a rock and roll band out of the Boston area. They love playing music for their audiences and it shows. I just hold on as tight as I can and hope that I catch all the great images.

There’s lots more images from my sessions with the Dons coming

Sk8rGurl’s Senior Prom

Yes, it was three years ago when Sk8rGurl had her Senior Prom. And there I was as they prepared to jump in Hummer and head out.

It’s a happy and a sad time at the same time.

But Sk8rGurl was happy and for me, that’s all I need.

The Dons – A Rock and Roll Band – Serious

Photographing a rock band is a small dark club can be a challenge. First of all, It’s Dark! Think high ISO and large aperature. Steady hands etc…etc.

Second I’m usually right in the middle of a bunch a dancing-screaming girls … wait a minute, that’s a plus … anyway. Lost my train of thought.

This night, about a year ago, I was asked to photograph the Dons both performing and for promo use. This “reverse black and white” image ended up as the band’s business card. I give bands and other performers an image release as a part of the session costs.
We do try to have some fun too.

GirlFriends – An Incredible Bond

Girlfriends have a bond that we men will never get to experience.

I had the opportunity snap a few images of Sk8rGurl and her soon-to-be college roommate about a year ago. These all happened in a matter of seconds, but the feeling I get when I see them is incredible.

There is a certain truth that a photograph captures. It lets us all catch up and experience the moments we might otherwise have missed. And that my friend would have been a real shame.

Sk8rGurl – The Name

People have asked me where I came up with the name “Sk8rGurl” for my Daughter … so I thought I’d tell you … or actually show you

About four years ago, I got a new camera and as with any new gear I get, I called on my fav model. So out to the driveway we went to capture a few images. And a new nick name was born when I saw the shirt she was wearing.

By the way, I don’t actually call my Daughter “Sk8rGurl”. That even makes it stranger that I use it in all my posts. But Sk8rGurl rules! all the same.

The Dons – A Rock and Roll Band – Part One

Heart, Love, Commitment, Performance, Power, Ego, Truth

and this is Rock and Roll? Yes it is!

The Dons is a Rock and Roll Band that I have been photographing for a few years. They are the real deal. The no-phoney-baloney band that I think love their audiences as much as they are loved.
I’ll do many entries on these guys and I think you’ll see why they are one of my personal favorites

Girls Ice Hockey

In addition to being a wonderful actress, Sk8rGurl, my fav model is an ice hockey player. I guess that’s a funny mix until you realize how much both mean to her

These images were taken back in 2004. The action is a bit less rough than boy’s ice hockey, where inflicting pain is a part of the game.


I loved every minute in those ice cold rinks because my favorite girl was on the ice.

Sk8rGurl – Against the Wall

I wanted to add a new look to my portraits and collages so I made a call to my fav model – Sk8rGurl, my Daughter for some poses that would look good with a grungier border.

We set out to the street of Brighton MA and found some great spots.

We also did some standard head shots as well, cause you never know when you’ll be standing at a bus stop and a big hollywood movie producer might ask you for a current photo. ! no, really.

You need to call me, you need some new headshots too.

The Fourth of July

Do I ever love the Fourth of July! The town just closes down the whole center and makes a day of it.

First there is the kids parade, (check out my “Astronauts and Baby Carriages” blog) and then later in the day is the “Big people’s Parade”. There is a line of fire engines and police cars from all of the neighboring towns and each one is trying to have a louder siren I think … I still can’t hear !

The military units follow. They are made up mostly by re-enactment groups and it is very impressive.

So what is it about the Fourth of July that I love so much? I think it is the fact people seem to enjoy being together, they interact and seem to have a great time.