The Old Triangles

Sometimes you just have to get out and shoot some shapes … don’t ya think?

I was up one morning with the roosters and went looking for something to shoot …with my camera that is.

The sun was just coming up and I noticed how it was shinning through an wooden structure and making these neat shapes on the ground.

Now I just have to find someone who wants to buy these images ….

The Beast From …

I admit, I am very, very lucky to be a photographer and to capture the images that I am blessed to have taken.

When it was said that the eyes are the window to the soul they were right. And when the actor is wearing a mask it is even easier to see how deep the soul really is.
It was actually a few years ago that I was asked to photograph Beauty and the Beast. The costumes and performances were great of course, but when I was looking through the images I was stopped dead in my tracks by this single image of the Beast.
It was “deadly” as they say. That one image that wasn’t posed, couldn’t be posed, will never be repeated and shouldn’t be.

The actor was in the moment and that makes us as audience members shiver.

I still to this day look at this image and think how lucky I was to be there. This is one of those images where we as photographers laugh and say “I wonder who stole my camera and shot that one?”

One Image – Many Captions

When you shoot as many images per week as I do, you can tend to see multiple things in them.

This single image is of The Colonial Boys, a fife and drum marching unit who because of their generosity to the community are one of the most respected groups of their kind. But as I was preparing this image I couldn’t help but think of a couple of funny captions for what “could” have been happening.
And in my own twisted way, I had to share them with you. One is blank … so what’s your funny caption?

The Dons – A Rock and Roll Band – Workin’ It

I’ve photographed The Dons many times, I seen their performances mature and the members gain confidence. But this night I noticed something, the band was Working, really working for the audience. And the audience was eating it up.

You know it when you see it too, the band actually smiles a little less and that my friend is a sign of confidence and concentration.

This is a great band and a real treat to photograph