The Beast From …

I admit, I am very, very lucky to be a photographer and to capture the images that I am blessed to have taken.

When it was said that the eyes are the window to the soul they were right. And when the actor is wearing a mask it is even easier to see how deep the soul really is.
It was actually a few years ago that I was asked to photograph Beauty and the Beast. The costumes and performances were great of course, but when I was looking through the images I was stopped dead in my tracks by this single image of the Beast.
It was “deadly” as they say. That one image that wasn’t posed, couldn’t be posed, will never be repeated and shouldn’t be.

The actor was in the moment and that makes us as audience members shiver.

I still to this day look at this image and think how lucky I was to be there. This is one of those images where we as photographers laugh and say “I wonder who stole my camera and shot that one?”

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