The Dons – A Rock and Roll Band – Portraits – II

Photographing a band such as The Dons can be like corralling cats. ” Stay Still!” “Don’t pinch his butt!!” but all the while we’re cracking up.

This pose was one of those where I just said, give me that serious face and they did!

The Family Squeezed In!

Capturing a family reunion is such a joy for me. The generations all gathered together. Adults become the children as their parents tell them what to do. The kids running everywhere. It’s GREAT!
I set up in the living room for the “whole family” shot and then everyone poured in. …”Squeeze in” I just kept saying … “squeeze in”. Finally I got a few shots, even those are cray portraits, believe me, this is about as good as you can hope for.
Everyone was laughing, the kids couldn’t understand what was going on.
But I knew. The love in that room was simply infectious.
It’s a good kind of infection though … Hey! you! squeeze in! …a little tighter.

The Dons – A Rock and Roll Band – The Portrait Session

After a number of years of photographing The Dons in performance they decided that it was time for a studio session.
I’d like to say that the guys are comfortable with out their instruments …but my Mother told me not to lie …HA!
We had a great session, watch for future images from the shoot in future posts.

The Dons – Never Promised They’d be Pretty

I get rev’d when I photograph performers. Partly because I’ve been a musician my whole life and partly because I love to see the bands that are the real deal.

I was doing a back-room-at-the-club portrait session before the band went on and I said, “Guys give me that pretty face” … the guys just laughed .. we don’t do “pretty”. They tried something, It was more comical … I asked them to stop.

But they sure do Rock!
PS. They didn’t like my “we never promised pretty” tag line … go figure