Lori and Gary

Weddings come in all sizes and shapes.

Lori and Gary’s wedding was intimate and wonderful. Just close family and their children were in attendance. So you would think that this was going to be kind of low key.

But that was the last thing it turned out to be!

After the ceremony it was party time. The girls got it all started and Lori soon had everyone involved. It was all I could do to keep shooting to capture all of the action.What a night, but then
the images speak for themselves!

Nowhere Men

You know how much I enjoy shooting images of rock bands, probably because I understand where they are coming from and what they want the images I create to convey.

The Nowhere Men … who took their name from the Beatles song “Nowhere Man” is a great group of guys. They are not into looking like the Beatles, but it’s uncanny how much they move like the band when they are performing.

It was getting cold outside on the day of our shoot which added just the right look of a cold strggling “early 60’s” Beatles.

We had a great time and the band loved the images… I’m happy

The Family Tree

I was asked recently to help a friend document the original settlement of her family that came to this area from Nova Scotia

She had found the general area and with my camera in hand we went looking for the exact spot. You see there was a lone apple tree on the land and that was the most important thing for us to find. Could it still be there after all of these years?

Well, we not only found the tree but also the foundation of the original house and what looked like the road which once went infront of the house.

It was quite a find. My images were sent back to Nova Scotia where I’m sure they are in a fine glass case in the town’s historical society … or maybe they ended up on the refrigerator… HA!

Accidentally Perfect

“A Mother’s Love is Blessing” … it’s a song and it’s a reality. I don’t expect that you know the song, it’s a bit obscure.

I am blessed to be a photographer, as you can see from the images below. I get to share in the moments that are reserved for only a few.

These images of a Mother and her Daughter were shot on Mother’s Day 2008. It was actually a very casual shoot and ended up quite powerful.

A Mother’s Love is a Blessing.

New Years Eve Snow Storm

When it snows, you just have to take some pictures, I think it’s a law or something.

Across the street is a road that leads up to a housing development, I’ve never been up the road, I think they shoot you if you are a trespasser. But there is a bench near the main road where the kids wait for the school bus, it’s got padding, nice.

So there I was walking through the neighbor’s yard once again, looking for some classic snow images

I think I got next year’s Christmas card image, so it was a successful trek.