Nicole – Smiles, but those eyes are "Killer"

Nicole is graduating from college with a degree in theater, so of course she called on her favorite photographer for her headshots.

She was a blast to work with, a great smile, natural poses and eyes that could cut you in half. So I was very nice … HA! Nicole, you rock!

The Dons Rock the Abbott

The Dons are Boston’s rock band and they have worked very hard to get to that point. And there is no sign of that stopping. This video is images from their performance at Bad Abbotts in Quincy MA on April 18, 2009. It’s kind of a good place for me to capture both the band and the crowd. Everyone was prepared to rock. So sit back and enjoy.

Katie Rocks!

I shoot a lot of high school productions. It gives me the chance to meet quite a few young actors. High School productions are a great outlet. Katie loves to be a part of the production. She’s always there and does her best to make the production rock. One minute she’s a wicked cool sax player, next she’s got a cigar hanging out with the guys and well, it’s always a surprise. But always she is Katie.

Katie does rock!

GirlFriends 2005

It was the summer of 2005. My Daughter and her three girlfriends had recently graduated from high school and were off to four different colleges.

My Daughter asked me to photograph the girls and I knew that it would be an opportunity never to come again. I could see that this was a slice of time captured and that no one could predict their futures.

It’s now almost four years later and the girls will be graduating from college this year. I’d love to take this picture of them now, but that won’t happen.

People lose touch. Horizons call us and we follow.

This is why I am a photographer. I want to remind people.