Water Fire – Fire Water – Busler Captures it All

Each summer Providence RI presents an event called WaterFire. It’s an artistic, romantic, warm, family-oriented … thing.
The river that runs through Providence comes alive with outdoor bon fires lit in firepits that are spread out on the river. It was something to see for sure. But it was a lot to take in as well.
Millions of people, OK, thousands of people were there. Some sitting along the banks of the river, others walking, some there hanging with friends (as I was).
I heard that there were people dressed a statues and so we went in search of them.
We soon found these “statuesque” folks and I knew that they had to be photographed… actually with me Everything HAS to be photographed …HA!

Pretty amazing, Huh?

The Wiz of OZ – Shot just for you

You might think that it’s easy to put on a school play. A few rehearsals, some simple costumes and makeup … what else is there?

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot thousands of images and every time I am amazed at the dedication and talent these actors put into the production.

Ursuline Academy (an all girls school) in Dedham, MA recently put on the Wiz of OZ. Since it’s an all girls school, they have to “import” the boys for their plays. These lucky guys I should say. But this time it was all girls and one just one guy.

The video is a look at the production. I hope that you will enjoy it

Emerson College Graduation 2009 Boston

My Daughter … you know “Sk8rGirl”, (the red head in most of the images in the video)graduated from Emerson College in Boston today.

Emerson is well known for it’s Actors training program, the program that launches careers. Which as we all know means, they give one a hammer and nails and tells us “now go build a house” . Which is not that bad if you are confident in your abilities.

The keynote speaker was Blair Underwood, an actor who delivered a message that talent will only get one so far. You must stick to it if you are to succeed.

We then walked over to the Boston Common for the reception. We never got near the food and drinks, Well, I guess that there was food and drinks. But the masses of people got there first and they weren’t going anywhere.

My Daughter graduated from College today. And I am a very proud Dad.

Family First

The simple family cook-out. That Sunday afternoon get together, so simple, yet so special.

I was asked to shoot one such event this past Easter, this past Greek Easter. I mention that because of the wonderful lamb that they served. I could smell it as I got out of my car and headed up the drive way, asking some of the kids if this was the right house. They wouldn’t say … I guess I had that look. It’s a stranger!

Great family images were everywhere. The deep conversations, the kids chasing each other, Mom’s kissing their kids and others remembering when their kids were young enough that they would still allow their Mom’s to kiss them.

I’m so honored to be asked to photograph these types of events, I guess the people think that I do it for them …. when actually I get so much more in return

Katie Müller – Ready for the next stage

Katie’s headshot session was a blast. Partly because she’s an actress and that means she’s going to be great to photograph and partly because she has such a natural smile.

We started her headshot session at the train station. The background was just perfect and that set the stage for a great day.

Terry Torres – Actor, Director

When I’m doing headshots for actors I have it kind of easy. Their training allows them to be so in touch with both their bodies and emotions that I just try to capture all the images they give me.