The Gazebo – Norwood MA

The gazebo on the town common in Norwood, MA is the site of band concerts, the awards ceremony for the kids Fourth of July parade, zillions of prom pictures, and billions of get togethers. It comes alive after dark when the lights come on.

The 4th of July Parade 2009 Norwood MA

Later in the day, the main 4th of July parade takes place in Norwood. Led by fire trucks from every town near by, this is the highlight of the day.

This parade brings it all back, the history, the pride in country and the love of family. The country takes a break from the rush and hurry.

We see that family and friends really do matter

The Kids Fourth of July Parade 2009 Norwood MA

The kids parade in Norwood is a lot of fun. The town basically closes down for a couple of hours so that hundreds of kids can come down the main street to the town common

They are dressed as famous people, the Statue of Liberty and flags are everywhere. It’s a great day and the kids and everyone else just love it.

And I get to capture it all!