Val’s Curtains – Norwood MA

Val’s is all about windows .. you know dressing them up to look their best.
It’s funny, during the day I don’t even notice the store, but at night, the front windows come alive with color and chaos and beauty.

I think I love controlled clutter in my images. I can’t stand it when everyone is looking at the camera, stiff as a board … OK, yes, that is exactly what I make people do in a formal portrait, but it always makes me happy when the kids are laughing and the parents are just being themselves.
So back to Val’s … controlled chaos. I love it!

Wonka – Norwood High – The Rehearsals

All summer long they rehearse the fall musical. Long days, the kids barely get to enjoy their summers. But they squeeze in their family vacations and by the end of August, the production is starting to take shape.

The dedication they have is as much as any varsity team. The performances they put on are incredible. Here is a look at the rehearsals, soon enough you’ll get to see images from their performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Brenner’s – Norwood Center

Honestly, I don’t know of another store that is left in the town that is from “the old days”. Brenner’s Children’s Store was there when our Grandparents were buying our parents their clothes and it’s still here. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still some clothes hanging that have been there for forty years. OK, twenty years.

With all of the trendy stores out there, where can yout still get a Cub Scout pocket knife … Brenner’s.
And how about a sash for your Girl Scout uniform? Brenner’s
You might think it “corney” to care about the store that was there when three generations grew up, but personally I feel that we have to keep them alive.
Now if we could just get some new styles in the window….

I know that these are both the same picture. But color and Black and white are completely different.

The Leg in the Window – Norwood MA

The main street in Norwood MA is lined with new businesses and long time staples. It’s a mixture that I’m sure you’ll see in many towns.
One of the most interesting is the antique shop. For all I know it’s a busy place, but I’ve never seen anyone in there. This image was almost an after thought. I was headed to my car, my camera packed away and there she was… in all her glory … A MAJOR PRIZE! The Leg Lamp.

No fanfare, no real positioning except it was there in the window … I think it was there to light the window , but there she was.

How many young men have marveled at it’s beauty? I too stopped and got my camera out of it’s safe place to take a shot … just to document the Leg Lamp that lights the window in Norwood center.

Conrads Norwood MA

I was out on another search for images and there it was … “Conrad’s”. On another night I would have kept walking I guess. But this night it just looked perfect.

It’s nice the way certain places in town are consistant. A teenager can bring his date here and be treated with respect … and the food is great.

It was quite late when I shot these images, the town was very quiet. Just the way I like it

Summertime – FUN!

We all live for the week-end .. you know the saying … “Work to live not Live to work”
I think we forget that … I know that I do. We need … we want … we “have to have” … everything When we have “everything” if we just remember that family is the most important thing there is.
I shot this image and knew that I had captured a lot more than a slip and slide. For the moment they reached the end they hugged.

Girlfriends – A Quiet Moment

I shoot a lot of theatrical performances and sometimes my favorite shots come from the rehearsals. It’s a lot of long days to put together a show.

The stage isn’t set, there are no costumes and the actors deep in the process of preparation.

Downtime between your turn to rehearse can be hours. And during those times I see the best images.

Here’s another image from my Girlfriends series and it will always be one of my personal favorites.

Girlfriends – Four Years Later

Four years ago I had the chance to photograph four girls who had recently graduated from high school.

They were “girlfriends” and they were all quite different. I don’t claim to understand people, I just capture their souls, OK, I just take their pictures… but magic happens when you look back and see how things have changed.

Especially those years right after high school when a person’s world explodes with new ideas – new places – and people.

I’d love to shoot the Girlfriends again, but that moment has passed

An Apple’s Life – Captured in Walpole MA

I’m a bit sentimental. I keep the things that important people in my life have given me.

This tends to create “boxes of stuff”. Not BIG boxes, shoeboxes of stuff.

My stuff reminds me of the happy moments in my life.

My Daughter gave me an apple in October 2005. I put it in the fridge and it ended up in the back … for a year it aged there. Then I took a picture of it and put it back.

This image below is an apple’s life documented over the course of three years.

I finally threw out the apple, it was getting way too old.

Seven Nations – Fiddle in Cleveland Irish Festival 2009

The band called Seven Nations is really a bit deceiving.; At first glance, they are have the look of a skateboard crew… tattoos and baseball caps , They don’t look like they’d be a great band,
But as soon as it starts you soon find out that this is a group of seriously talented musicians that have worked with symphony orchestras, been part of the Olympic opening ceremonies and the X-Games.

I only got a few images of Victor Gagnon, the band’s fiddle player, but you get the picture.