Brenner’s – Norwood Center

Honestly, I don’t know of another store that is left in the town that is from “the old days”. Brenner’s Children’s Store was there when our Grandparents were buying our parents their clothes and it’s still here. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still some clothes hanging that have been there for forty years. OK, twenty years.

With all of the trendy stores out there, where can yout still get a Cub Scout pocket knife … Brenner’s.
And how about a sash for your Girl Scout uniform? Brenner’s
You might think it “corney” to care about the store that was there when three generations grew up, but personally I feel that we have to keep them alive.
Now if we could just get some new styles in the window….

I know that these are both the same picture. But color and Black and white are completely different.

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