Jill Mutascio – an Actress Ready for the next stage

We went all over town for Jill’s session, we even went to dumpster alley (made up name) behind the pizza place. It’s amazing how busy that alley can be. And then we left town to finish up. Cause that’s what it takes!

Mary-Ashley and Michael – The Engagement Session – Busler

Getting engaged is certainly one of the most important milestones in one’s life. In the span of one question and one answer someone accepts you to be their partner for life …

I had the honor to be with Mary-Ashley and Michael for a few hours on a rainy October day as they celebrated their engagement.

The images in this video speak for themselves … I was just there to capture it all. It was a beautiful rainy day and love was in the air.

Willy Wonka – Norwood High – The Journey

The journey from rehearsal to final performance for a theatrical performance can be a long one. Months of rehearsals, opening night jitters, and then before we know it, it is the final performance. The journey is over and it was over too soon. This is a slideshow of some images from the rehearsals and the final performance of Willy Wonka. The next show is in rehearsals and I want to be there and watch the journey once again.

Christine Busler – Going to California

My Daughter Christine recently graduated with a BFA from Emerson College in Boston and has moved to LA. But we just had to fit in one more headshot session before she left. So we headed down to our favorite place – Starbucks for the session.