Comedy Slam at Norwood High – Busler

Images and video from the Norwood High – Norwood MA Comedy Slam. We have a few vampires, several people looking at feet, a bouncing Santa, utter confusion and lots of laughing … the audience laughs too

The Man in the Red Suit at the Kids Party – Busler – Walpole

Santa made at stop at the office recently and all the kids took a much needed break from their work to spend a few minutes with the jolly old fellow in the red suit.

Thanksgiving Rocks! – Norwood High MA – Busler

Images and some video from Thanksgiving Rocks, the Norwood High School – Norwood MA 2009 Comedy Show. And just remember – It’s hard to be a big turkey one day and then have to go to school the next. So, you know, there’s a lesson for you.