Images from the Getty Villa Museum

I had the opportunity to visit the musuem at the Getty Villa in Malibu, CA on Easter Sunday 2010. I was very happy that I was allowed to photograph some of the objects from Greece and Rome that are on display.

As I looked at the objects, many of which were crafted thousands of years ago, I began thinking of the person that made them and how they might feel if they knew that the object was on display in a museum.

So, just think, that clay ash tray you made in second grade … one day it might be on display as an example of the work of an ancient craftsman!
Here’s a video of some of the items.
Images from the Getty Villa Museum

The Baptism of Jarel

I had the opportunity to photograph Jarel’s baptism as a way to spend some time with my Daughter, who is good friends with Jarel’s parents.
They were so proud of Jarel, little Jarel who had no idea what the fuss was about. But one day he could look back and see how much his parents cared about him.
Sometimes I wonder about fate. My fate that is. What leads us to the places we find ourselves and then find that the gifts we have to offer can help another?
What a happy day it was. Click on the link below to see a video of that day.

Jarel James Barrows Baptism

Choral Classic Concert – Norwood MA

The classic choral concert … the choral concert of classic groups in a concert setting.
I guess that seeing the kids perform is the best part … no, actually it’s seeing them grow each year … their talents, and confidence. That’s what’s best about these concerts.
I look forward to shooting these performances. It brings back such good memories of watching my kids as they moved up each year.
The Norwood public school system has choral groups from the elementary to high school level. And they are excellent … wicked excellent. We’re New Englanders .. we talk like that …
Check out the video … just click on the link.

Choral Classic Concert