Memorial Day 2010 – Norwood MA – Busler

The Memorial Day celebration in Norwood MA is based around family – we remember the family that has died and those who are with us.

The parade which begins at 10:00AM is simple and not overly “military”. The cub scouts and girl scouts march, the fire fighters and police department honor guards, the Norwood High Marching Band, the Colonial Boys fife and drum band … and we honor the veterans, the retired and active duty

“Honor” is a good word for it too in my opinion. You see, we know everyone in a small community such as ours. The young soliders … marching in their uniforms were (it seems) just on the high school ice hockey team and here they are in miltary uniforms.

Memorial Day for the childern is a holiday, a day when Mommy and Daddy are home from work. But for some, we pause and remember the Mommies and Daddys that didn’t come home.

The King of Hearts

I got to shoot The King of Hearts – a nice … zany musical at the Walpole Footlighter’s in Walpole MA.
It’s wartime and evryone has left the town, well that is everyone except the residents of the local insane asylum. A soldier ventures into the town and the next thing he knows … they have crowned him king.

The actors were great to work with and it was all I could do keep up with all the action on stage.

Check out this video/slideshow.

The King of Hearts

The Dons at Bad Abbotts with Mike Macchi

I’ve been photographing The Dons; a rock band from Boston, MA for a number of years. Originally the line-up included Mike and Matt Macchi and two of their friends , but Mike left the band about a year ago and moved to California. Matt took that opportunity to start fresh with new members .

One night recently the Dons welcomed Mike Macchi back on stage for a performance at Bad Abbotts in Quincy MA. This was a place very familiar to The Dons, seeing that they still play there about once a month.

I think that the Dons audience miss Mike Macchi. Mike is a performer that has a mutual love affair with his fans. The best performers do in my opinion.

There was no introduction that Mike was on stage … the band just launched in their first song and we all sat back … well I went into action … shooting images of Mike and the band.

I knew that I wanted to capture this night. I knew that it was going to be special. And the funny thing was that it didn’t feel special, it just seemed great.

Here is a link to a slideshow/video of images from the night. Now you can sit back and enjoy.

The Dons at Bad Abbotts with Mike Macchi

Willy Wonka – Ursuline Academy – Busler in the Shadows

Last night I shot a performance of Willy Wonka that Ursuline Academy in Dedham MA produced. I am amazed at the quality of the shows, the girls do such a good job and they have a great time.

As usual, there I was “standing the shadows” shooting actors. Just wishing that they’d give me more light on the stage and hoping that the actors would stay in one place so that I could get the shot … but noooooo. HA!
” Come with me … and you’ll be … in a world of pure imagination” The world is a stage … and some days the play that we are in can be so challenging. Sometimes I think that it would be nice to be cast in Willy Wonka and relax a bit.

Here is a link to a video / slideshow of the images from last night.
Willy Wonka – Ursuline – Dedham – Busler

Event Photographer – Busler – Norwood MA

Shooting a corporate event can be a big crap shoot; what kind of lighting will I have to work with? What do they expect ? … will the people want to be photographed? Will they smile?

Well I just treat everyone like a rock star … and that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and that works!

I recently shot a corporate meeting of a vendor and their customers. Lots of people talking to each other, speakers at the podium, executives … customers … sales people etc.

As you can see from the images and video/slideshow, the lighting was ALL OVER THE PLACE ! So I’m dealing high ceilings, people that won’t look at me or look annoyed that I am taking their picture … HA! But that’s my job … I am an event photographer.

Well, at least that day I was.

Click on this link to see a video of the day
HOW 2010 – Dell Services

Matt Brown Gala – Ray Bourque – Mike Eruzione – Celebrity Photos with Fans

I volunteered to take photos at the Matt Brown Gala Event ( gala = costs a lot to get in… ). Matt is a Norwood (MA) High School ice hockey player that was paralyzed during a game a few months ago. This event was set up to raise much needed funds for his hospital costs.

Lots of sports and political celebrities were expected to attend the gala . So I told the event committee that I would set up a booth and take shots of the celebs with their fans and print them on the spot as a fundraising effort. This was well received and I was in.

That night as I’m driving to the venue it hits me … What if no celebs are willing to stand there (in my booth) for pictures with their fans ? I’ll just be standing there … alone … in my booth !

Upon my arrival to the venue I am escorted to my area and told “OK Dan, we’ll start with Ray Bourque and then other celebs will come by during the night” … Well OK, ( I said to myself) this is going to be great!

Ray Bourque showed up right on schedule … they announced from the stage that Ray is in MY booth and the people lined up for a photo with Ray … over a hundred people are in line within a few minutes … YES! Did I mention that this was my booth? A couple hours pass and I’m still shooting photos of fans with Ray. I’m thinking that any celebs that might be in the area can’t even get close to my booth, that is unless they want to pay for a photo with Ray … HA!

Then I’m told that Mike Eruzione ( Captain of the 1980 USA Olympic Ice Hockey team … the Miracle ) is standing on the sidelines and he can take over for Ray and the shooting just continues,

Look at poor Mike in this image … posing with fans is hard work!

Between these two sports legends we raised thousands of dollars for Matt’s fund … This was a great night.

I was so thankful for their participation. You see, they know (as ice hockey players) that what happened to Matt can happen to any player.

Click on the link below to see a video/slideshow of the images.
Matt Brown Gala – Celebrity Photos with Fans

Beauty and the Beast – Coakley Middle School – Norwood MA – Dan Busler

You wonder sometimes … how good will a Middle School (aka “Junior High”) production of a challenging musical such as Beauty and the Beast … which is funny, sad, exciting, romantic etc be?

Well, it was wonderful, … so musical, exciting, thoughtful and tender. The best acting (I believe) comes from the heart.
Click on the link below to see a video/ slideshow of the production

LA Magazine – Christine Busler

When your favorite girl is in LA Magazine you just gotta mention it

My Daughter got a modeling gig for a furniture company magazine ad right after her move to LA last year. It was just published in the May 2010 issue of LA Magazine … so here she is recreating the pose.

That’s my girl!

Here’s a link to the actual ad …

The Dons Rock – Weymouth – We were there

Yes, I was there … shooting the Dons, you know Boston’s Rock band. The Dons recently played Hajjars in Weymouth MA. It’s a standard place; you got your food .. drinks .. KENO ( you know what KENO is right … ?) … it’s like a toliet for your money … I don’t play

There have been major changes in the band; everybody’s new except the bass player. But since the bass player is the heart of the band, it still has a “BADDA BING” ! sorta sound.

The girls are still the same too. They love the band and they love the guys.

On and off the stage these are quality musicians and good people … that’s an interesting thing to find.

Check out the video by clicking on the link below.

The Dons Rock – You