West Side Club – Living the Green

I played a gig in Cleveland not too long ago and brought my camera. I usually don’t becasue, well, I’m busy here .. playing music.

This night the West Side Club was celebrating their heritage and the “People of the Year”.

It is quite the event, but in my opinion the event was secondary to the people and their love of life.
They had a marching band … (Yes, it came marching through the hall) and a kind of beauty queen and lots of honor.

I can tell you, these people are happy. Simple happiness.
Look at that smile …

Yes, honor, pride, love, caring, non-judgement … well maybe they do judge ..
It was a cool night, and I have to slow down and enjoy life.

A Mother’s love is a blessing, one that even a soldier holds so dear.

Heal Thyself – Busler and Home Remedies

I just got a new light … no one was around to be my model … I was forced into it by a band of angry … forget it – I got nothing …

For that ring that just won’t come off … here’s your tool…

The truth is I did get a new light and I had to get used to it. I saw the tools and thought ” Hey, that would be funny!” I crack me up!

When the asprin just ain’t cutting it … here’s your tool

and for that ear ache … here’s your tool ..
this is an image of the screw driver on the way out
don’t try this at home … come on, it’s just pretend

Guitarist for the Love of it – Walpole Coffee Shop

I guess that’s a good title for this one. “Guitarist, for the love it”.

I was shooting another artist at this coffee shop in town and this guy just happened to be on the bill as well.

I thought that his songs were fine, simple as they were.

But then that’s just the way he wanted it.

Picasso Einstein and Elvis – Norwood High

What would happen if Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Elvis and a cast of crazy characters show up together in a small French bar one evening ? Steve Martin .. yes, that Steve Martin wrote a short play about this possibility – called Picasso at the Lapin Agile.

Norwood High School recently presented the play and I was there to capture what I could. The dialogue is all over the place and so are the characters

It was a great show to photograph because the kids were having so much fun

Here a video / slideshow – try to keep up … HA!


One Night Stand – Bad Abbots – Busler in the Shadows

One Night Stand aka Uno Nightstand is a Quincy MA band that I recently shot during one of their performances at Bad Abbots .

This was my first time meeting the band, so I just shot a few images of each member so that they could get a taste of my work .

This could be the start of something good.

Sunglasses – Gotta Stock up for Senior Season – Busler

Senior Season, that time of the year when this year’s Seniors in high school “have left the building” and the Juinors get a taste of what it means to be king of the school. A job they will take over permanently in the Fall.
This is also when I begin capturing those Senior portraits. This year I am locked and loaded with new backgrounds and new lights and my secret weapon … sunglasses.

Yep, I saw these beauties in red and blue and purple … I think and said ” hey, look, sunglasses … buy twelve pairs ” so I did.

You can never look bad in a great pair of shades … well I can, but you can’t.

Golf Outing – Busler Slices again

I was asked to shoot a golf outing last week which was held at The International Golf Club in Bolton, MA .
The place is incredible and it is the longest golf course in the world. .. yes really. I still wonder why someone hasn’t moved their tee box back a few feet so that they could boast that they had the longest golf course in the world.?

As you might guess, my job was to shoot those “threesome” and “foursome” pictures of the gophers, I mean golfers out on the course and and then get back to the club house and print and frame the images before those pesky gophers … Golfers … got back.
Of course I can’t show you any of the images from the day because I am sworn to secrecy … and because I signed a release. Which I will honor following the code of the photographers .. which is “stay out of jail” … HA!

During dinner I did get a few shots of some hearty souls that were determined to finish their round even if it was pouring rain.
Golf is the only sport where you shake long ( very expensive, finely balanced) metal rods at the stormy skys and yell ” Come and get me lightening … just try” !