The 4th of July Parade 2010 – Norwood MA – The Main Event!

Where do I begin to explain a town parade? The way it brings people together, helps them slow down for a day and remember what is really important.

The Fourth of July parade in Norwood MA is an event. It’s a quiet event in some ways and so LOUD at the same time. The parade is led by fire trucks and other emergency vehicles from all the local towns. And these guys blow every horn that they have as they slowly … oh so slowly drive through town. The sound makes such a statement and the townspeople applaude.
(this guy is not a real fire man … HA!)
And the bands that march come from all over the US and Canada.

But it is the baseball teams … riding on the floats … waving at the crows that line the streets that make this parade so special. This is a town parade … we love our town parade.

Here’s a link to a slideshow of images I shot during the parade.

Paul Akl – The Headshot Session – Pure Attitude and Truth

I recently did a headshot session with Paul Akl. a fine actor and singer. I hadn’t seen him for years. In that time he had matured … of course, his hair was shorter, he had really worked on his body and so I thought that he was now focusing on modeling.

We did the typical headshots and then I thought that we should get some body shots as well.

Even though it looks like Paul is all attitude … he’s not.

I actually posted some of the images to the WEB and mentioned that Paul was a “body builder”. Next thing I get is an Email from Paul to let me know that that was not the case.

People may mistake confidence, pride and maturity for “attitude” … not so

The 4th of July 2010 – Norwood MA – The Kids Parade

Few events in this world can rival a children’s parade. I remember marching in parades as a child … seeing the town’s people line along the road made it so special.
In norwood MA, the 4th of July festivities begin at 1:00 PM when the main street is closed off and filled with hundreds of children and their parents walking, riding their decorated bikes and pushing decorated baby carriages,

The parade is led by The Colonial Boys fife and drum band.

and the newest addition, the Junior Colonial Boys band.

You can feel the excitement in the air as the kids parade around the town’s gazebo with the hope of winning a prize.

But everyone wins. There is a tee shirt and ribbon for everyone.

a few lucky ones are chosen as the best and they get to ride in the main parade later in the day.
I’m there each year tying to capture the spirit of the day, but mostly because it helps me remember how important family really is.
Here’s a link to a slideshow from the day

Quilts – A lost art that will keep you warm

Quilts … you don’t hear that word much any more. Why sew a quilt when they are on sale this week-end for 70% off! run – rush – trample – claw …
My Grandmother made quilts, ladies would come over to her house and sit and talk and sew. These were Pensylvania Dutch quilts. Bright colors, crazy patterns, tiny.. tint stiches that would never … ever come out.

Recently the ladies at my church returned to the art of quilting and they had a dedication of the quilts last Sunday. What a proud day, these quilts were going to be boxed up and sent to people that couldn’t afford to … COME ON OVER for the 70% off sale!!

You see, these were made by hand and the stitches … made by hand … had love built into every stitch. And that alone will keep you warm.