Quilts – A lost art that will keep you warm

Quilts … you don’t hear that word much any more. Why sew a quilt when they are on sale this week-end for 70% off! run – rush – trample – claw …
My Grandmother made quilts, ladies would come over to her house and sit and talk and sew. These were Pensylvania Dutch quilts. Bright colors, crazy patterns, tiny.. tint stiches that would never … ever come out.

Recently the ladies at my church returned to the art of quilting and they had a dedication of the quilts last Sunday. What a proud day, these quilts were going to be boxed up and sent to people that couldn’t afford to … COME ON OVER for the 70% off sale!!

You see, these were made by hand and the stitches … made by hand … had love built into every stitch. And that alone will keep you warm.

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