The 4th of July 2010 – Norwood MA – The Kids Parade

Few events in this world can rival a children’s parade. I remember marching in parades as a child … seeing the town’s people line along the road made it so special.
In norwood MA, the 4th of July festivities begin at 1:00 PM when the main street is closed off and filled with hundreds of children and their parents walking, riding their decorated bikes and pushing decorated baby carriages,

The parade is led by The Colonial Boys fife and drum band.

and the newest addition, the Junior Colonial Boys band.

You can feel the excitement in the air as the kids parade around the town’s gazebo with the hope of winning a prize.

But everyone wins. There is a tee shirt and ribbon for everyone.

a few lucky ones are chosen as the best and they get to ride in the main parade later in the day.
I’m there each year tying to capture the spirit of the day, but mostly because it helps me remember how important family really is.
Here’s a link to a slideshow from the day

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