Sofia – A little Jewel

I love to photograph kids with a attitude … OK, not really an attitude, but the ones that pose that way.

Kind of cocky … with just a touch of “I’ll kick your butt! ” as in this picture with her girlfriends

Every shot was fun and the session just flew by

It’s always fun to see this through the camera … her Mother would be mad and tell her to stop … me? I just press the shutter!

Maura O’Connell – An Irish Classic

Maura O’Connell is a classic – a soulful, smiling, emotional, thoughtful singing classic.

The songs she chooses … so carefully, are a message to her audience. Almost like speaking to us all, she tells us the story, begs us to listen and join her in her cause.

It was at least 100 degrees at this show which was an at out door festival so Maura, like the rest of us, was doing our best not to faint.

But she sang on and the audience just loved her.

And she let us all into her confidence … as a reward.

Eileen Ivers – Cleveland Irish Festival

Eileen Ivers is one of the best – yes, her talent as a world class violinist is incredible, her attitude on stage is infectious, her band is great, the song selections are powerful .. so yea, she’s one of the best.

I recently had the opportunity to do a shoot of her performance at the Cleveland Irish Festival and as you can see from the images it was lively.

Eileen got her start … on the road to fame as a multi-year “All Ireland Champion” then it was on to star in River Dance … then many performances with symphony orchastras … and on and on

but it appears that she loves playing for the people the most. She literally leaps on stage and continues for the whole performance

and her smile continues as well

Sweeney Todd – The Rehearsals Begin

The fall musical … the example of how they spent their summer vacations … better put … a tribute to the hard work that a dedicated group of high school students have put into a production …

Norwood High School – Norwood MA – presents Sweeney Todd – the demon barber of Fleet Street. OK, now you have the official introduction.

Here are some images from a “Sweeney” rehearsal that I recently shot. It’s always so interesting when I look at these images and then the ones that I shoot during the performances. These are full of chaos and laughter and conversation. The performance images show a more serious focused attitude.

I love shooting theater and it all goes back to when I shot my Daughter’s performances. Sometimes I think that I do this so that I won’t miss her so much, (she lives in LA) .

Hey, so, here’s a video slideshow as well.

Tyler Moore – Homeland’s String Man

Homeland is an Irish Rock band based in Dayton, OH . I recently saw the band performing at the Cleveland Irish Festival and I must say Tyler was great fun to photograph.

Tyler left the stage to come down and visit the audience during one of his solos and the crowd loved it.

I think that Tyler liked it … just a bit too

The audience was having a great time listening to the band

Cara Stanley – with the Family

I look for natural smiles when I shoot portraits …
I wait for them. With Cara I didn’t have to wait

Cause every shot was almost perfect and I don’t think that she was posing .

So I asked her to give me a serious smile … but her eyes just kept smiling

Cara with her Dad – Fintan Stanley at his home on Cape Cod

And two beautiful ladies – Cara with her Mother at sunset

It was a great day to shoot this beautiful family

Screaming Orphans – Cleveland Irish Festival

I recently shot some of the performers at the Cleveland Irish Festival .. yes in Ohio ( HA), eleven hours driving out and eleven hours back … you and your travel mates get to discuss everything that has happened to you since the day you were born. And somethings that you made up just to pass the time…

The Screaming Orphans are a band made up of four sisters … they don’t scream and they aren’t orphans.

Since I saw them last year they have really cleaned up their act. Nicer clothes, less attitude and better harmonies. A very popular band they are doing a lot of traveling, so it was great to see them again this year.

They really have a great time on stage

Oh, and it was about 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity the day I saw them, I had to get moving though, because a huge down pour started a few minutes after these shots.