Sweeney Todd – Norwood High School – More Hot Pies – Busler

Yes, that was the song … we want more hot (meat) pies! But how did Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett get all that delicious meat in London when meat was only for the wealthy?

Well, we didn’t have to wonder for long … Sweeney was happy to help by supplying a close shave to most anybody that came into his shop, which just happened to be above Mrs. Lovett’s lovely pie shop.

This cast of students from Norwood High School in Norwood, MA took on the challenge of this musical and did a great job. Check out the videos.

Here we get a look at the cast.


This is one tracks the cast from rehearsals to opening night.


Kathryn Russo – Her Senior Session

Kathryn’s session was effortless. Everywhere we went, the images we got were great.

She has such a confident smile, but then she is the Captain of her cross country team, an A student … and a pretty neat person.

These images at the studio really do show the three sides of Kathryn – the smile

the graceful

and of course … “don’t mess with Kathryn” ! It was an awesome session.

Cianne Maloney – Her Senior Session

Cianne’s session was a joy. She is a fine actress and a very funny lady.
We started our session at her home. All I heard for weeks was that we would shoot the location shots in her backyard. You see, Cianne’s family has this awsome backyard … a river (OK a stream) runs through it, there are great trees, a little pond full of jumping frogs and a trampoline . I was this close to shooting some images of Cianne on the trampoline … but that would have been to easy. HA!

But there is also a sort of “dog compound” ; a fenced in area with doors and trees and “stuff” .. so of course I told Cianne … that where we are going to do some shots! I asked …

What a comfortable smile – it made the images perfect

The Family Cook-out

It’s Labor Day week-end 2010 and that means cook-outs. Family, food, fun and kids running everywhere. Lucky for me I was invited to one … invited as in “hired” to capture it all.

At these events I follow the rule that the best images may be behind me … and they often are.

This little girl wanted to be photographed all the time … so I did!

I think the best images are simple, they are real and they are from the sidelines of life.
Moments do pass, they do fade away and they can be forgotten.

Katie Keefe – The Senior Session

I’ve seen Katie on stage a number of times and I’ve noticed how softly she moves. Almost like a dancer.

So I was happy when she asked me do her senior session because I knew that we would be able to capture some of that grace and it would make some really nice images.

Every pose was delicate and smooth.

I even tried to add a little “edge” to some of the images and Katie made them classic!

One of my favorie images from the day. Thanks Katie!

Kristen McCarthy – The Senior Session

Kristen’s session was full of smiles and style. I usually take a few minutes to ask where they would like to be photographed … the park, an alley setting … their backyard? Kristen just replied ” you choose” … HA! I usually do!

This outfit – a “man’s cut” shirt with the sleeves rolled up over a pretty summer dress didn’t at first look like it would work … that was until I saw Kristen wearing it. Perfect, she was so relaxed and the poses were beautiful.

We did start our session at the park – trees, stone walls and the GREAT OUTDOORS!

Then it was off to the studio. Kristen had just been to the salon and her hair was just beautiful, with streaks of blond and brown. So I had to do some overprocessing to really bring out the tones … maybe I did just for me… HA!

I usually ask the girls for a “pensive pose” … one comment she got was “Texting again!” … yea I guess … If she is texting- I hope she is writing ” I’m having such a GREAT time ! Dan is fabulous ” Hey , it could happen.