Girlfriends – Where are they now? – Dan Busler

A number of years ago I did a family reunion portrait session for three … or was it four families? 
Today I was looking through the images from the session and came across these of a Mother and her two Daughters.
I’m pretty sure that a lot has changed in their lives over the years since this session. Are the Daughters married, do they now have kids,  did one or both move far away from home ? 
The answer is … yes, maybe. But no matter how much time passes .. or how far they may travel, that day we captured a moment. That particular moment is saved for all three of them to remember and enjoy.  The laughter and love they felt that day is theirs … for a lifetime.
I loved doing this session and I’m reminded of how lucky I was to be there every time I stumble upon these images.

Austin! Not hard to take

I was recently working in Austin TX and snapped this image of one of the swimming pools where I was staying.  Now this is how you “do it right! ” .
But saddly, I never had the time to take a dip.
Maybe next time … It’s Destination Wedding Season ! 

So it was St Partick’s Day … the whole day

Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day. I wonder how many of you went to church?  Or did you “worship” at the alter of the flowing green beer…?  HA!

I spent the day living my other life as a musician … what a marathon!  Now it’s back to being a photographer. Until next year … GREEN BEER … holy moley! That’s almost as good as the green pancakes I used to make as a kid … I had to close my eyes to eat them!

Christmas 2010 – Take the time to Smile – Dan Busler

For me – I feel that there is no holiday more tied to “family” than Christmas.  I know it’s a religious holiday – and the one that my family celebrates - so for you it might be another holiday that means “family”. But for me … it’s Christmas.
Christmas is the one time of the year when people give themselves “a hall pass” … a waiver … to stop the rat race and look at the lights on the tree. Listen to to holiday music and take the time to smile at each other.
Since my children are now grown and have fantastic careers I now put up a fake Christmas tree. It’s kind of thin and crooked .  But it holds a lifetime of memories of early Christmas morning … wrapping paper flying in the air as presents are opened, screams of joy as the kids get the present they asked for and hugs.  It is a good day.  
I am writing this as the spring season is just around the corner (it had better be!) . it’s kind of sad for me to look at these images and know that the little tree and ornaments are packed away until next year. And I’m afraid so is the “hall pass” to stop and smile.

The Real Inspector Hound – Norwood High School – Dan Busler Photography

It all starts with an empty stage .
The year, Norwood High School in Norwood MA is doing the Tom Stoppard play ” The Real Inspector Hound” for their entry in to the high school drama festival. And that means that it all starts with an empty stage. Then they have five … oh yea, five minutes to bring the whole set on stage and set it up. 
The play must fit into 45 minutes … exactly
 Then they have five … oh yea again, five minutes to break down and remove the set from the stage.
Doesn’t that sound like fun?

The play is great, it runs for 45 minutes… ish, and they can bring the set on stage in five minutes!

It’s very funny and the actors are so talented.

It’s a howling Who Done It ?