Rose and John – An Engagement Session with a Perfect Couple – Dan Busler

I recently had the chance to to do an Engagement photography session with Rose and John, a beautiful couple who flew out from Ireland to the Boston, MA area to get married. (most of their family are now here in the U.S.)

I typically spend some time with the bride and groom separately to get a feel for how they met, got engaged and what they mean to each other. I took the opportunity to film some of their thoughts and feelings and found that they are just perfect for each other.

We all search for happiness, maybe wealth and success as well if they come along. John and Rose know that happiness must come first.

Here’s a short (I always say that my videos are short … whether they are or not .. HA!) slideshow of the images and clips from that session. 

Watch it full screen and enjoy.

First Communion – St Ann Parish Dorchester MA – Dan Busler

First Communion, the first time that a child has that “meal” that they have watched their parents, older siblings and others share. It’s kind of rite of passage … I guess. It is definitely a milestone in one’s life.

And it’s part of tradition – it doesn’t matter what your religion, we respect each other’s traditions. They make us human. They show us how we love family.

I recently photographed the First Communion celebration at St Ann Parish in Dorchester MA. The kids were so happy and looked fantastic in their beautiful white clothing … now did they keep them clean??

Here’s a quick look at some of the images I shot of the kids being holy and also being “kids” … for after all they are kids.

Jessica and Anthony – An Orange County Engagement – Dan Busler Photography

Jessica and Anthony said that they wanted to have their Engagement session at an upscale mall in Orange County.  That sounded like fun.

They are such a beautiful couple and the mall was just perfect for capturing pictures. There were gardens, fountains, lots of flowers and so many quiet places.  I could tell that this couple is totally in love.

Check out this video of our session … but be prepared to be jealous!