The Suicide – Norwood High School {Performance}

Norwood High School – Norwood MA presents the 1928 Russian comedy “The Suicide” … it’s a fun romp with guns and girls and slapstick … and red boxer shorts and … a carrot and a sausage and … well,  it’s Russian. You will laugh …

I always try to give a little extra when I am photographing a school play. The arts are so important and the kids put so much effort into their performances. Actually I am amazed at their talent.

 The Suicide was written in Russia circa 1928 –  in the time of  Stalin.  It gives us a view of what type of comedy was in vauge at the time.  And it was slapstick and political.

  I have no idea if these red Russian boxers were listed as part of the costumes, but they sure did produce a funny moment in the play

Of course the play was about a suicide, which we never see and I think never happens. So it was a fun romp … like I said!