The End of Illness – Dr David Agus {Event}

I do like meeting people with interesting new ideas, a fresh approach, someone who shatters the “normal normal normal”.  And I had the opportunity to do it recently while photographing a corporate event where The New York Times Best Selling author Dr David B, Agus was the guest speaker. Dr Agus was the physician for Lance Armstrong, Steve Jobs and others, so there was a bit of “star quality” in the air.

I haven’t finished his book The End of Illness  yet which focuses on all the things we are doing wrong by taking vitamins and other supplements. Dr Agus said that our routine of taking these  pills every day and not taking a baby aspirin  every day was increasing our chances of cancer and heart disease.  It was a controversial talk to say the least.


  The one thing we all agreed was that it was credible and worth some careful consideration.


I asked Dr Agus for a signed copy of his book addressed to my Son, who is a Neurosurgical  Nurse Practioner {yep, my Son the surgeon!} – Dr Agus wrote “Thanks for what you do – please focus on the whole”. And that is Dr Agus’ message to us all I believe.

I have such a great job and get to meet some very interesting people!

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