Britta & James { Engagement }

Britta and James Love Story had a “rocky start” – you see they are both attending a prestigious Dental school and their teacher made them sit together … in alphabetical order. Oh yea, really! And they really didn’t like each other at first. But as fate [and all great – epic Love stories go] they soon found that they had a lot in common and they fell in love! … I know – I sort of compacted the story! HA!

The day of their Engagement session we met in Boston with plans of walking over to Marlborough street to the exact spot where Jimmy proposed to Britta on the sidewalk, under the light of a lamp post which is right outside her apartment. 

The closer we got to Marlborough Street the more they talked about just how special this spot was to them.
We stayed there for a little while – taking a few photographs and talking about that night when Jimmy asked one of the most important questions of their lives … and how Britta said YES!
It was a perfect day

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