The Wood Triplets – 2013 Seniors Norwood High School {Portrait}

When I was asked to photograph “the Wood triplets” Senior portraits I thought – ” how will I make sure that I create portraits that show them as individuals ?” 


I’ve known the family for … over 20 years I think. My kids knew their older brothers and sisters etc. etc. So I had seen “the Wood triplets” many times over the years, but I had lost touch. 


Well, I was happy to find out that it was going to be easy to create very different portraits – Robb is the football player, Becca is the student and Rachel is the actress.  


This is of course a generalization – but I could actually see this when we got together. 


This was an awesome session – especially when we did the group shot and I had them get really close. And actually touch each other !

I guess that Brothers and sisters – even when triplets are still the same …HA! 
You can see more of my work with high school seniors at 781-352-4863

Liz Ronan – Actress- Vocalist – Dancer (Headshot}

Liz is a thirteen year old “triple threat”.

For years she focused on Irish step dancing at the highest competitive level. Dancing in professional productions with the finest dancers.


And that passion for dancing continues. More recently Liz has begun to branch out and look at  her other talents which are singing and acting.

I’ve been shooting actors headshots for many years and typically dramatic / comedic acting is their forte.

But for Liz, coming from a background of dance and performance she hits the stage with no fear. 
You can see it in her smile and the way she stands and moves. She’s ready for the next big thing … and I hope that she will be just that!

The Dress Rehearsal – West Side Story – Norwood High School {Performance}

Norwood High School in Norwood MA is presenting West Side Story as their Fall production for 2012.
This is kind of a daring proposition seeing that the show is so often produced. But what I seen so far is that the production is going to be great.
I’ve been photographing the Fall show in Norwood for over 10 years – typically I photograph a rehearsal in July – when the show is still very rough, then in August and you see a big difference and finally the dress rehearsal in September a week before opening night.
 The auditions for the Fall productions are held in May – even before the last school year has ended. Then beginning immediately after school breaks for the summer the students begin rehearsals. They rehearse all summer – fitting in their family vacations – working their summer jobs – but rehearsing almost every weekday as they are able.
The dedication of the student actors, set designers, costumers and directors is evident in the fine productions produced each year. Productions that are not to be missed.

 Here’s a look at the dress rehearsal – from cast warm ups to the dancing, costumes and timeless love story.

Boston Wedding Photography by Walpole Wedding Photographer, Dan Busler – The Promise – Renewed {Wedding}

The Wedding day is a blur of emotions – love and laughter, friends and relatives. I know that is why having a photographer capture the day is so important.

But what about years later when you’ve had children, your lives are filled with soccer practice and “never enough time ” – do you still remember your wedding day?

Recently Rich and Kerri celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary – {and this was after a ten year courtship} by renewing their wedding vows.  

We met on a secluded beach … well, a secluded beach that was also popular with about a hundred other families .. HA! 

They invited both sets of Parents to join them and their two children in this wonderful day. Rich’s Father is a Justice of the Peace, so he officiated – which was just perfect.

But even though this was a “Wedding celebration” it was totally focused on family. It was as if their marriage was really just the first page of a life together and that their Parents and children were a part of. 

During the ceremony their Parents were close to them and their children “cuddled in” and it was just beautiful. 

Please don’t let the “day after day” steal it all – look in your heart for sleeping there – you’ll find your love – so young and fair.

Norwood Boston Headshot Photography by Norwood Boston Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler – Amanda Hurley – Actress {Headshot}

I don’t believe that I had seen Amanda in almost ten years. I knew that she had graduated from high school and headed off to college, but that was about it. 

So I was so happy when she contacted me for headshots. 

Headshots can be generic [ basic close up – white or grey background – smile!] or a bit more expressive and shot outside or against a brick wall. 

I do both for just about everyone – then they have some variety when the casting director pops the question ” Do you have any other shots … maybe a bit more urban – colorful – rough – dressy …” and that list is infinite! 

Amanda has an expressive face – a nice smile and a casual way of standing that is perfect so many roles. So we played on all of the options – some generic – some casual – some “I’ll kick your butt if you mess with me” – and all of them rocked!

Lauren – 2013 Senior – Norwood High School

At my pre-session meeting with Lauren she told me that she liked country music, jeans and sparkles. 


I was intrigued,  she liked country music … HA!  – no that she mentioned that she liked sparkles. I knew that we had to include some kind of sparkles … either thrown up, sprinkled down, dancing in or … something.

The day of the session Lauren brought two kinds of sparkles – bright chrome, kind of large ( about the size and weight of a pea) and small snow flake sized sparkles. 

The first part of the session was great – we shot outside and in-studio and got some great poses.

Then it was “sparkle time” –  Lauren’s Sister was in the studio so I asked her to get up on a ladder and “rain” the sparkles down on her Sister. 


It was so much fun and Lauren had to take all the abuse of so many takes.  Thanks Lauren – the looks on your face were priceless!