Lauren – 2013 Senior – Norwood High School

At my pre-session meeting with Lauren she told me that she liked country music, jeans and sparkles. 


I was intrigued,  she liked country music … HA!  – no that she mentioned that she liked sparkles. I knew that we had to include some kind of sparkles … either thrown up, sprinkled down, dancing in or … something.

The day of the session Lauren brought two kinds of sparkles – bright chrome, kind of large ( about the size and weight of a pea) and small snow flake sized sparkles. 

The first part of the session was great – we shot outside and in-studio and got some great poses.

Then it was “sparkle time” –  Lauren’s Sister was in the studio so I asked her to get up on a ladder and “rain” the sparkles down on her Sister. 


It was so much fun and Lauren had to take all the abuse of so many takes.  Thanks Lauren – the looks on your face were priceless!

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