Norwood Boston Headshot Photography by Norwood Boston Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler – Amanda Hurley – Actress {Headshot}

I don’t believe that I had seen Amanda in almost ten years. I knew that she had graduated from high school and headed off to college, but that was about it. 

So I was so happy when she contacted me for headshots. 

Headshots can be generic [ basic close up – white or grey background – smile!] or a bit more expressive and shot outside or against a brick wall. 

I do both for just about everyone – then they have some variety when the casting director pops the question ” Do you have any other shots … maybe a bit more urban – colorful – rough – dressy …” and that list is infinite! 

Amanda has an expressive face – a nice smile and a casual way of standing that is perfect so many roles. So we played on all of the options – some generic – some casual – some “I’ll kick your butt if you mess with me” – and all of them rocked!

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