The Wood Triplets – 2013 Seniors Norwood High School {Portrait}

When I was asked to photograph “the Wood triplets” Senior portraits I thought – ” how will I make sure that I create portraits that show them as individuals ?” 


I’ve known the family for … over 20 years I think. My kids knew their older brothers and sisters etc. etc. So I had seen “the Wood triplets” many times over the years, but I had lost touch. 


Well, I was happy to find out that it was going to be easy to create very different portraits – Robb is the football player, Becca is the student and Rachel is the actress.  


This is of course a generalization – but I could actually see this when we got together. 


This was an awesome session – especially when we did the group shot and I had them get really close. And actually touch each other !

I guess that Brothers and sisters – even when triplets are still the same …HA! 
You can see more of my work with high school seniors at 781-352-4863

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