Boston Headshot Photography by Walpole MA Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler, Josef Hodgkins {Headshots}

Jo is an actor with a medical background … which makes him the perfect person for those TV shows and movies where the actors need to say those long diagnostic terms. And he’ll actually know what they mean !

Like “Gastroesophagealduodenoscopy” … which Jo mentioned he can pronounce … and I do not want to know what it means … or is for that matter … HA!



Norwood Senior High School Portrait Photography by Walpole Senior Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler – Pranav Srivaatsav

Pranav is a 2013 senior at Norwood High School. How he got his last name is an interesting story … which he might tell you if you’re really nice ! 


Norwood High School Senior Portrait Photography by Walpole High School Senior Photographer, Dan Busler – Sara Bennett

Sara’s a senior at Norwood High School, she has her eyes set on teaching elementary school special education

Norwood High School Senior Photography by Walpole Senior Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler, Pamela Gamboa

Pamela has a smile that can light up a room … or the great outdoors if that’s where you are at the moment! She’s a cheerleader so I guess that just goes with the job. 



Norwood Church Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler, Emmanuel Lutheran 2012 Christmas Pageant

A Christmas Pageant has the ability to bring us back to reality. Once again we see the simple joys of family, friends and childhood. The pageant is after all just a slice of time – it must be cherished and held in our hearts – so that when we need to remember what’s most important to us it will be there.

Here are some images from the 2012 Christmas Pageant at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Norwood MA


Here is a short video from the day … OK,  it’s about 4 minutes long

Norwood High School Senior Portrait Photography by Norwood Walpole Boston Senior High Photographer, Dan Busler, Noah Haynes

Noah is a dedicated musician with his eye on one day being a physician. 

So we focused on poses that would look good on his medical practice brochures … OK, just kidding. Actually Noah just looks this great naturally!