Norwood Memorial Day 2013 Photography by Walpole Memorial Day Photpgrapher, Dan Busler

Memorial Day is one of those days when our celebrations are still true to the reason the day was created. 
Oh I do admit that I think of burgers on the grill and the beginning of the Summer when Memorial Day comes around, but in the end the essence of the holiday is still pure.
Norwood MA, like many towns, has a parade and a town gathering at the cemetery where we remember those who are serving and who have given their lives for our country. 
For me, Memorial Day is a grounding experience. It brings me back and reminds me that the daily rush is secondary to family, friends and country.


Walpole MA Birthday Party Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Basketball Birthday}

When playing the game of basketball is more than a passion, and when your birthday is just around the corner … and when pizza is involved .. well that’s a party just waiting to happen !
It was time to celebrate Aidan’s birthday so I was asked to come by the house and capture the day as it unfolded. But this was like two or three surprises rolled into one.
First – Aidan was told that having a private session with me was the surprise. Now Aidan’s friends were going to arrive at noon – so a few minutes before I took him to the back of his house to get some shots there… little did he know that I was just trying to keep him away while his friends arrived.  So when we went around to the front of the house again it was time for the big Surprise number 2 ! 
I guess surprise number 3 was that his Sisters didn’t attend!  HA! 

Norwood Church Event Photography by Walpole Event photographer, Dan Busler {Bill Gruhn}

Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Norwood MA recently honored Bill Gruhn as he left his post as WEBmaster for the church’s WEB site.
Bill has been a member of the church for many years and is actually the reason the church has a WEB site.
Hopefully Bill will tell them where all the code is hidden !   HA.


Boston Live Music Performance Photography by Walpole Live Performance Photographer, Dan Busler

Live Rock and Roll, Blues, Big Band, Rock and Soul, Punk.. [what ever name you give the music] performance is from the soul. If you try to control it when you are on stage “it” will eat you alive. So you have to let it out!

After spending virtually my whole life as a performer, I’ve put the performance on a back burner and for the past few years have focused on photographing live performance. That and everything that goes with it – headshots, creating marketing materials and coaching performers on how to succeed in this business.  This crazy … business that we love.