Boston Marathon Bombings – A Letter from Anita that was never sent – Until Today

You will most likely remember where you were and who you were with and what you did when you first heard ” Did you hear ? – there was just an explosion at the finish line at the marathon”

And other than calling everyone you knew who may have been at the marathon – that is probably the last thing you remember about that day. 

There were over 300 people injured by the blast.  Four people died. 

One was a little boy named Martin Richard. 

I had the honor to meet Martin, when I photographed the First Communion at St Ann Parish in Dorchester MA –  May 2012. This type of day is a bit “rapid fire photography” so I never knew that I had taken Martin’s picture until I was contacted by a TV show producer who called to ask if they could use a video that I had created from pictures and video of the day.

Today (September 18, 2013) I received an Email message from Anita that included a note that she had written to me a few days after the bombing, but had never sent. I don’t know Anita, so all I could do today was to respond to her with a thank you note. 

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 17:56:14 -0400

Dear Dan,

I was reminded of the little boy Martin Richard because of a recent article about his sister.   I never sent you this memo (see below) dated April 16th because I thought it was not the right time to do so (right after the event).   But, I sent it to myself, so I would remember the work you did.  At the time, I was hoping to find a video of Martin and that video was yours, from the May 2012 Holy Communion at the St. Ann’s Parish.  I know you surely know this, but wanted to say it anyway – what you do REALLY matters.  Your photography is beautiful.   Thanks for giving us a glimpse of who little Martin was.   I wish you, his family and all those affected by the bombings a future of peace, good health and happiness.


—–Original Message—–
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tue, Apr 16, 2013 6:12 pm
Subject: Martin – NOT SENT TO DAN BUSLER

Dear Dan,

I only came to know your work because of little Martin.  I didn’t know him (nor his family), except for the sweet photo of him dressed up in his formal white suit, one of the few photos posted on various sites.    Then, I read that he was a member (with his family) of St. Ann’s Parish.  When I did a search on youtube, your video of the May 2012 Holy Communion popped up, and there was Martin in various spots, including at the end, when the children were singing.  

I just wanted to acknowledge your beautiful work, and let you know that what you do really matters.   

We are all standing with Martin’s family and with all of Boston.




I love to take pictures – and I take tens of thousands of pictures every year . They are all important, even when at first they just seem to be a First Communion Day. One day, they will be precious.

So please take photographs everyday – take them as you child leaves for school, as they sleep in the chair in front of the TV, as your husband cooks burgers on the grill in his favorite, but completely destroyed T-shirt from the Kiss concert he went to in 1987. Take them of Grandma at a holiday gathering.

Because every picture is important – so cherish those shoe boxes full of “bad pictures”. Those grainy, grey, orange, under/over exposed, torn, wrinkled, “honey – you have to throw these out” candids from your Sister’s wedding pictures are important.

I’m so happy about the day that I photographed a little boy at his First Communion … and even though I didn’t say hello to him … (at least I don’t remember if I did), I hope that I at least smiled. 

Thanks Anita for your note – you made my day.

Westwood Bar Mitzvah Photography by Walpole Bar Mitzvah Photographer, Dan Busler { Aidan’s Bar Mitzvah)

It was Aidan’s Bar Mitzvah day and the celebration began with the solemn service at Temple Beth David in Westwood MA. Family and friends from all over were in attendance to join Aidan as he made his Bar Mitzvah.

But then it was party time! All the guests and many more of Aidan’s school and family friends joined him for the reception and celebration at Raffaels in Walpole MA.

The first order of business was the cake and candle lighting – then the traditional “ride in the chair in the air” – and Aidan was up to all of his duties! 

The theme was basketball and Aidan was not a bit shy in getting all of his friends involved in the fun. 

  I have to admit – this was a great party! 

Norwood MA Event Phototography By Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Norwood Day 2013}

Norwood Day in Norwood MA is a celebration of the town and it’s people. 
The parade is led by the Norwood High marching band, followed by the Norwood High cheerleaders and sports teams and everyone is in full uniform … and it looked like a thousand kids too. 
In the end – This is a magnificent day – it’s “home town” and it’s all about slowing down and spending a day with family and it is one of the best days of your life .
We all wish that every Saturday could be Norwood Day.

Malibu / Los Angeles Wedding Photography By Walpole MA Wedding Photographer, Dan Busler {Rich & Christine Yodsukar}

Two Weddings and a Winery Visit – The Wedding of my Daughter

For those of you Dads out there who have a Daughter, maybe they are still young, maybe they are already grown, they often get married.   And I guess that for some of you, you’re prepared for that day … oh I don’t mean financially – I mean emotionally.

When I found out that my Daughter had her first serious boyfriend, my first thought was … “he wasn’t good enough” – actually – I thought “I’m losing her” !

But when I saw that she was happy, I was just a bit less sad. 

After college my Daughter moved to LA where she met her boyfriend, then Fiance … now husband. … you know, another guy who is not good enough for her ( HA!). 

I was never prepared for my Daughter’s wedding day (as a wedding photographer myself I tell my couples “you’ll never remember your wedding day … it will just be a blur” I’m sad to tell you – it really is) 

As you might guess – I was not supposed to bring my camera to my own Daughter’s wedding … HEY!  it’s attached to my hand … alright ?  HA!  

Since my Son-in-Law’s (I’m trying to get used to it all) family is from Thailand – they had planned two weddings. The first on Friday would be the traditional Thai tea ceremony and the second on Sunday would be the western wedding … in Malibu on top of a mountain overlooking a vineyard … It’s a California thing …  

Here’s just a glimpse at the images I got from the two weddings and a winery visit

Norwood High School Senior Photography by Walpole High School Senior Photographer, Dan Busler { Megan McCarthy}

Megan loves country music and I love loud music, so her Senior portrait session was rocking – country style!

Boston Theatrical Event Photography by Walpole Theatrical Event Photographer, Dan Busler {EMACT Gala}

EMACT – Eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theater recently held their annual a gala at Cary Hall in Lexington MA to recognize and celebrate that Community theater is alive and wonderful in America.

The best shows, actors, producers, lighting designers, and so many other categories were highlighted and received awards for their talent and hard work.