Malibu / Los Angeles Wedding Photography By Walpole MA Wedding Photographer, Dan Busler {Rich & Christine Yodsukar}

Two Weddings and a Winery Visit – The Wedding of my Daughter

For those of you Dads out there who have a Daughter, maybe they are still young, maybe they are already grown, they often get married.   And I guess that for some of you, you’re prepared for that day … oh I don’t mean financially – I mean emotionally.

When I found out that my Daughter had her first serious boyfriend, my first thought was … “he wasn’t good enough” – actually – I thought “I’m losing her” !

But when I saw that she was happy, I was just a bit less sad. 

After college my Daughter moved to LA where she met her boyfriend, then Fiance … now husband. … you know, another guy who is not good enough for her ( HA!). 

I was never prepared for my Daughter’s wedding day (as a wedding photographer myself I tell my couples “you’ll never remember your wedding day … it will just be a blur” I’m sad to tell you – it really is) 

As you might guess – I was not supposed to bring my camera to my own Daughter’s wedding … HEY!  it’s attached to my hand … alright ?  HA!  

Since my Son-in-Law’s (I’m trying to get used to it all) family is from Thailand – they had planned two weddings. The first on Friday would be the traditional Thai tea ceremony and the second on Sunday would be the western wedding … in Malibu on top of a mountain overlooking a vineyard … It’s a California thing …  

Here’s just a glimpse at the images I got from the two weddings and a winery visit

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