Boston Charity Event Photography by Walpole Charity Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Travis Roy Foundation}

A few years ago I was lucky enough to get involved with Travis Roy and Travis Roy Foundation. 

Travis Roy – The Eleven Seconds 

Today I am proud to be one of Travis Roy Foundation’s photographers. 

Here is a fusion slideshow / video that I recently created using some of my own images & video clips and images from others. 

It gives us a look at some of the people who have been instrumental in supporting the foundation and those who have benefited.

Travis Roy Foundation – Helping People Move Forward

Boston Theatrical Production Photography by Walpole Theatrical Event Photographer, Dan Busler {The Fox on the Fairway – The Walpole Footlighters }

There’s a fox on the fairway! But this fox is the two legged kind … and she’s got her next victim in her sights.

The Walpole Footlighters in Walpole MA present Ken Ladwig’s The Fox on the Fairway directed by Frank Moffett – February 7 – 23, 2014 at their theater in Walpole.

This wild comedy takes us to the Quail Valley Country Club as they prepare to take on their rival Crouching Squirrel in the annual inter-club golf tournament.

I was there for the media photo sessions and the show is hilarious ! You do not want to miss a second of this fabulous show. 

But which one of these lovely ladies is the “fox” ??? 

And which of these unsuspecting guys … is her prey??

You’ll just have to wait to find out ! 

Boston Senior Portrait Photography By Walpole Senior High Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler { Sarah Maloney }

You know, a serious expression isn’t always the most popular pose with Mom and Dad. But somehow, that’s just where I often take my seniors.

For me, there is great strength and confidence in the serious pose. 

Sarah “kicked butt” and had an awesome session – you know – you can’t fake this! 

Oh yea, Sarah smiled … too ! 


Walpole Theatrical Photography By Walpole Theatrical Photographer, Dan Busler {Laughter on the 23rd Floor}

For those of us who have wondered what it must be like in the “writers room” of a sitcom or SNL .. or, well the list goes on … 

The Walpole Footlighters gave us a little look when they presented Laughter on the 23rd Floor. And after seeing it I must say that it’s a lot more serious and crazy and funny that I had ever imagined !

These characters are real “characters” to be sure. Just take a look!

The cast …
and crew !

Boston Executive Portrait Photography by Walpole MA Executive Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler {Chestnut Hill Realty Village Green Plainville MA}

Chestnut Hill Realty’s Village Green in Plainville MA is an Award winning property. 

I had the opportunity to stop by recently to photograph the official portrait of the management and staff … and the beautiful award of course ! … 

I love photographing bright and shinny awards . 


Boston MA Food Photography by Walpole MA Food Photographers, Dan Busler and Brian Hourihan {Beer and Oranges)

So, where do you start when photographing beer? 

Well, you start with some food styling skills (which is not as easy as you might think!) – for that I turned to the master – Brian Hourihan who styles and photographs strawberries, and vegetables and … beer – and he does it for a living.   

To his stylin’ skills I added lights .. and cameras and Action ! 

Move the glass a little … add the liquid to just the right level and take another shot. 

As you can see – Brian’s styling skills are the “real deal” ! It was a real joy to watch him work. 

I know that this next shot is crooked … I think that we were tasting the “subject” by this point … HA!! 

And since I specialize in headshots … well, I had to do my thang! 

Brian on the other side of the camera …

Boston Wedding Photography by Walpole MA Wedding Photographer, Dan Busler {Jess and Jared Kelly Wedding Day}

Jessica and Jared – a Wedding Day 

I’ve know Jess for many years but hadn’t seen her since she was in the high school theatrical productions I had photographed – so when she asked me to photograph their Engagement session I was excited to see her and her Fiance.

Fast Forward! and it was now their Wedding Day. 

Where Jess is funny and loud … Jared is quiet and restrained … well that’s the way they first appear. 

But soon I found that they are so in love happy to be together.

Wedding Days are magical … and true.

Dorchester MA Confirmation Photography by Walpole MA Confirmation Photographer, Dan Busler {St Ann Parish Dorchester}

Confirmation is for many a milestone in their lives. Certainly in their religious lives anyway. 

And I think for most it brings a sigh of relief … they made it through another set of training. 

But even more than that, these kids are seen as adults by the church. Something they have probably felt for a few years.

It is a proud day for families and it is always an honor for me to help capture this day.


Boston Executive Headshot Photography by Walpole MA Executive Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler {Steve Hile}

Steve stopped by the studio for an executive portrait and the next thing I know were are deep into a lifestyle … theatrical … modeling session . 

And I don’t think that Steve knew his full potential!  

Steve was a natural and now he knows !!  I think I had better watch the magazines for him.


Norwood Family Portrait Photography by Walpole Family Portrait Photographer, Dan Busler {Gillis Family at the Studio}

It’s so nice to see families come together for a portrait session. Especially when it’s multiple families and the purpose is to create a gift for their Parent’s anniversary.

We all met at my studio on a fine Summer day with the beautiful pond as a backdrop. 

These families love being together, so it was actually hard to tell which kids went with which adults !  

And in the end, that made this session very special.