Norwood Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Dessert Works}

It’s time to feature another one of the great vendors I get to meet and work with … Dessert Works !  

Now I know that you’ve seen some pretty epic birthday cakes … there are even TV reality shows about them. Big drama, family fights, flour and dough flying through the air … huge ratings ! 

But I doubt that any of that drama exists at Dessert Works in Westwood MA, where they make some incredible cakes. 

I recently photographed a birthday party for Paul Ragusa. His wife Michelle came up with a design for his special cake which included his love for the saxophone and his passion for making very … very high end custom leather briefcases.  

She gave this design to Dessert Works and their Head of Rolled Chocolate Department, Kristyn Powell (who has a degree in both fashion design and pastry) 
and together they produced a freaking masterpiece!  

Here’s Kristyn with the cake.

Who would cut this ?  

Paul (you remember Paul ) did … Hey, it was his birthday and he’ll cut it if he wants to! 

The detail was incredible as you can see. Alas, all that’s left of this classic pastry are my images … you’re welcome … HA!  

Norwood Party Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Tom Bruhl}

It’s time to Feature one of the awesome entertainers that I get to meet and work with … 

Tom Bruhl … The Music that Makes You Move !  – well that’s a fact I can attest to.

I recently photographed an event where Tom provided the entertainment.  Although Tom performs with a trio – this night he was a “one-man-band” – playing sax and guitar (not simultaneously) along with backing tracks that he recorded at his studio. 

It was interesting to find out that we both graduated from Berklee College of music Magna Cum Laude … the same year!  

All I can say is if you need a great DJ, who plays live instruments and sings … it’s kind of the whole package – you should check out Tom.  

Of course this is after you’ve hired me to photograph the event of course..!