Norwood Event Photography by Walpole Event Photographer, Dan Busler {Dessert Works}

It’s time to feature another one of the great vendors I get to meet and work with … Dessert Works !  

Now I know that you’ve seen some pretty epic birthday cakes … there are even TV reality shows about them. Big drama, family fights, flour and dough flying through the air … huge ratings ! 

But I doubt that any of that drama exists at Dessert Works in Westwood MA, where they make some incredible cakes. 

I recently photographed a birthday party for Paul Ragusa. His wife Michelle came up with a design for his special cake which included his love for the saxophone and his passion for making very … very high end custom leather briefcases.  

She gave this design to Dessert Works and their Head of Rolled Chocolate Department, Kristyn Powell (who has a degree in both fashion design and pastry) 
and together they produced a freaking masterpiece!  

Here’s Kristyn with the cake.

Who would cut this ?  

Paul (you remember Paul ) did … Hey, it was his birthday and he’ll cut it if he wants to! 

The detail was incredible as you can see. Alas, all that’s left of this classic pastry are my images … you’re welcome … HA!  

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