Shakespeare ‘s Julius Caesar on it’s Ear

Did you know that most all of Shakespeare’s plays were originally performed with an all male cast? As you know there are lots of females in the plays – so this meant that Juliet … the love interest of Romeo .. Romeo .. “what light from yon window breaks, It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.” .. was played by a guy. Oh yea.

And that when women were finally cast in the plays that many of the guys who specialized in playing women’s roles were pretty much out of a job? Well that’s what I’m told.

I recently photographed The Gazebo Players of Medfield ( MA )’s production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar with an all female cast . Yes, “Girl Power” and the girls were epic.

The play was directed by Peter Bradley who made this bold choice and I think that he’s very happy with himself. Well, even though he may not look it, he’s probably wicked happy on the inside!


As you may know, Julius Caesar is a story of the assassination of good old Julius and the ladies dove right in to the story with knife wielding gusto.

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The Wedding Day – A Man, a Son Becomes a Husband

As a wedding photographer I always joke with the groom that the Wedding Day is all about the bride. Ask most any groom “what color the flowers will be ?” and he’ll look at his fiance with that “I know that I should know this .. but help me out here!” look. … then answer “Pink? .. red? … white?? ” He’ll get it if he keeps trying.

And for the most part the wedding day is all about that dress and flowers and that fairytale walk down the isle.

As for pictures before the ceremony? Mom helping the Bride into her dress, focusing on her hands carefully tying the back is a staple shot. And forget about those shots of the Bride’s Dad and the Bride before the ceremony .. the smiles and tears, a hug that can only be compared to a ride in a time machine back to every moment they spent together. Friggin’ priceless images.

But every once in a while I get the opportunity to see the Groom’s Mom and her boy have a few moments together before the ceremony. There’s a look of pride in her eyes as she looks up at him. Her boy’s a man, and he’s smart and strong and solid … he’ll be a good provider for his Bride.

Their “time machine hug” is different – She is so proud of her boy and hugs him with so much pride and he accepts the hug with gratitude for all that she has done to help him become the man that he is today. There is no weakness in a groom who cries as he shares that hug with his Mom. I believe that he is gaining strength. And then moments later when he sees his Bride walking down the isle he just might make a silent vow to honor his Mom by being the husband that she knew he would be.

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