2013 Boston Marathon Bombings

I will never forget that call. The voice said that I had photographed Martin Richard ‘s First Communion photos and that they’d like to use them in a news report on him. It was a Canadian TV station calling and everything became a blur as I said, “yes, of course you may”.

Martin was just one of the 100 loud, laughing kids that I photographed at his church in May 2012. Things were moving so fast that day that (as much as I am sorry to say) I didn’t remember photographing Martin.

Martin died in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

I was a bit stunned. How could I have been so insensitive to have not remembered photographing him and all the other kids ?

A few weeks after the 2013 Marathon bombings (May 2013) I was back at Martin’s church photographing that year’s First Communion class. It was a different scene for me. I talked way too long with each child as I prepared to photograph them. But we all healed ¬†and dealt with this in our own way.

Now each year on Marathon Monday I think how lucky I was to have met him, and to have had the great pleasure to have photographed him.

The moments of our lives pass so quickly, they soon blur and fade away, but a photographic print waits for us, until that time when we need it. To comfort us, to help us remember those moments that will never happen again, to make us laugh and to cry.


Martin Richard – May 2012