New York City – The Day After Christmas 2011 {Road Trip}

My Daughter and her Fiance were home (from Los Angeles) for Christmas a few months ago. And for a special trip we went down from Boston to NYC for the day – the day after Christmas.


New York City (with all the lights, and decorations and incredible crowds) is such a special and crazy place at Christmas time. 

We got down to the city early in the day with the hope of lunch in Times Square, then pastries at Macy’s, coffee at Starbucks, go to the camera stores, maybe see some TV or movie stars just hanging out and then the lights as the city came a live after dark.  It is a “food focus” I know … HA!

The crowds were beyond belief. No, seriously,  we went into one door of Macy’s and were literally pushed through the store.  Gotta love it! So no pastries – crap! 

I do admit that if you can handle it, it must be just incredible to live in downtown New York City.  


Maybe one day.  Hey, you never know.

 We did make a number of stops to look at shoes. After all, my Daughter was with us.


THe Guys – The Walpole Footlighters

” The Guys ” is a two person play about a NYC fire chief who lost many of his men on 9/11 – he contacts a writer to help him compose the words that he will use to talk about his guys at their memorial services.

The Walpole Footlighters in Walpole, MA presented the play on September 9 – 11 2011 … it was the tenth anniversary of the tragedy. The play is in memory of those who lost their lives and in honor of the Walpole Fire men. All proceeds went to the fire department.

I had the opportunity to photograph 12 of the Walpole Fireman and the play.

Here is a short video of the images.,

Schoenthaler Family – Senior Portrait Session

What a great day for a family portrait session. Actually this all started as a Senior portrait session for Calvin and just grew from there until we had the whole family involved.  An awesome family and it shows!

Harley – A Bold New Look – Dan Busler

Harley is a model. She’s sassy and young and bold and all those other qualities that are required to get out there and get work.

 This is our second session together. The first was more focused on different looks and this session was totally devoted to Harley, the real Harly, the person.

 I shot this session with a very focus on what a strong – confident personality she is.

 We succeeded – this is my favorite shot,. The blouse/top that Harly is wearing is bold and new and amazing


Giliana Austin – Opera’s Rising Star – Dan Busler

Classic, confident, focused, determined – that’s Giliana.  I was looking forward to this session since Giliana first spoke with me about the concept.

Giliana is an opera singer and I thought that I should play classical music for our session. Which as much as I love Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart it would have taken the wind out of both me and our session. So I asked ” Is it OK if I play my standard … loud house music for our session” … she just smiled and responded ” Let’s rock!” 

 So instead our session rocked!
Giliana was heading to San Francisco to star in a production and then she was off to Germany.
No question Giliana is a rising star.

Ann and Ajay – A California Couple – A Boston Engagement

Ann and Ajay are temporarily transplanted in Boston … but their roots are stil in California. So to make their Engagement session perfect all I had to add was water! (The Atlantic Ocean was the best that I could offer)

Jennimae & Aaron Shaw – Their Wedding Day Love Story Fusion Video

The spark is still there. Those beautiful “love-at-first-sight” – looks, secret glances and stolen kisses are all still alive.

This is the love story of Jennimae and Aaron on their Wedding Day June 26, 2011.


 We can have just a peek, but they will have this love together for the rest of their lives.

Here’s a short look at their Wedding Day