What story do your pictures tell?

Every vacation, school concert, awards ceremony , religious  event or family get together … we take pictures. Sometimes they’re funny or blurry or maybe they’re incredibly solemn. But everyone of them may one day be priceless.

The subject of these pictures are of course … the people in them. Actually it might be your cat or car or cow .. but they’re the subjects of the picture.

One way to improve these images is to include the environment. You’re at the fair, show the ferris wheel in the background, at the Grand Canyon or in Paris step back / zoom out  and show the place. It adds to the story that your pictures tell. You were there, you experienced it and you captured a picture of how cool it was.


The engagement session – after the proposal

But then there are times when you can add some interest or value by including a sign or something that helps explain the picture.

Your spouse or child is speaking or performing  at an event – show the crowd, signage, the massive room. If we only get that close up shot we soon forget how epic the night was.

Choir 2


And then there’s theater – the sets, the signage, the costumes and the performance.

Zooming out allows us to see complimentary staging and props that add to the picture of the actor(s).


Of course we all zoom in for that portrait, but there is more to the picture that you may also want to capture.

Dan Busler is a professional portrait, performance and event photographer with studios located south of Boston in Walpole MA. You can see more of his work at http://www.danbuslerphotography.com

Boston Headshot Business Portrait Photography by Walpole MA Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler

As an Actor, Model or Business Professional you know that your skill and talent is your most important asset.

But it’s often your headshot that they’ll use to choose you and remember you. And you do want them to remember You ! 

Totally awesome – wickedly talented – confident – believable – handsome – beautiful – approachable – stunning – striking – … You! 

I’m committed to giving you memorable images.

Norwood High School Theatrical Photography by Walpole Theatrical Photographer, Dan Busler {Live Performance}

Norwood High School presented Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – which was taken from the Emmy winning, All-Star … cult followed production written by Joss and Jed Whedon ( they’re really famous!). 

The show … or “sing-along blog”  is about Dr. Horrible, Penny, Captain Hammer ( said with a super hero echo) and lots of crazy characters. 

As you look at the pictures from the show I dare you to figure it all out! 

It truly was a fabulous production which was directed by Norwood High alumnus, Ian Cardoni.

Liz Ronan – Actress- Vocalist – Dancer (Headshot}

Liz is a thirteen year old “triple threat”.

For years she focused on Irish step dancing at the highest competitive level. Dancing in professional productions with the finest dancers.


And that passion for dancing continues. More recently Liz has begun to branch out and look at  her other talents which are singing and acting.

I’ve been shooting actors headshots for many years and typically dramatic / comedic acting is their forte.

But for Liz, coming from a background of dance and performance she hits the stage with no fear. 
You can see it in her smile and the way she stands and moves. She’s ready for the next big thing … and I hope that she will be just that!

Norwood Boston Headshot Photography by Norwood Boston Headshot Photographer, Dan Busler – Amanda Hurley – Actress {Headshot}

I don’t believe that I had seen Amanda in almost ten years. I knew that she had graduated from high school and headed off to college, but that was about it. 

So I was so happy when she contacted me for headshots. 

Headshots can be generic [ basic close up – white or grey background – smile!] or a bit more expressive and shot outside or against a brick wall. 

I do both for just about everyone – then they have some variety when the casting director pops the question ” Do you have any other shots … maybe a bit more urban – colorful – rough – dressy …” and that list is infinite! 

Amanda has an expressive face – a nice smile and a casual way of standing that is perfect so many roles. So we played on all of the options – some generic – some casual – some “I’ll kick your butt if you mess with me” – and all of them rocked!

Becky – 2013 Senior / Sun Worshipper – Walpole High School {Portrait}

Becky is a card carrying “sun worshiper”. So when she came in for her Senior portrait session recently she had the darkest tan that I have ever seen on a client  … ever. HA!

I’ve been photographing Becky and her family for a number of years and I love the whole bunch. But I think that they like to give me a challenge. 

The one thing that I knew was that Becky would give me the “solid-look-straight-into-the lens” pose that I like to capture. This was going to be an awesome session. 

I have to wait a few years for Becky’s younger Sister to come in for her Senior portrait. But I’ll make sure to send her some SPF 100 just to be sure … HA!

Ariana – Actress, Model, Teenager {Headshot}

I’ve taken Ariana’s pictures a number of times and each time I find that she has so many expressions so each images seems to be of a different person.  Or at least photographed on a different day.

This session we focused on headshots for Ariana’s acting career.

But most actors also need a few other shots, maybe showing them in glasses or laughing hard, or in a really colorful shirt and torn jeans. Because if everything goes well at their audition the casting director will say … “This headshot is great … do you have anything else??” meaning other poses, other looks or expressions.

So I shoot “modeling shots” of actors as well.  This allows the actor to create a composite ( aka ZED ) card that they can “whip out” if they are asked … “do you have anything else?”


And for models I do the opposite and shoot some headshots. 
Always do a little extra for the client and they will remember that you did.