An Apple’s Life – Captured in Walpole MA

I’m a bit sentimental. I keep the things that important people in my life have given me.

This tends to create “boxes of stuff”. Not BIG boxes, shoeboxes of stuff.

My stuff reminds me of the happy moments in my life.

My Daughter gave me an apple in October 2005. I put it in the fridge and it ended up in the back … for a year it aged there. Then I took a picture of it and put it back.

This image below is an apple’s life documented over the course of three years.

I finally threw out the apple, it was getting way too old.

An Apple’s Life

Photographers “document”, we “capture” and we do other nobel things. Yes, we are fine human beings! We are also full of ourselves sometimes. OK, most of the time.

Me? I like apples. Actually I like photographing them much more than eating them.
October 2005 I was given an apple by Sk8rGurl (my Daughter). I photographed it (of course)and put it in the back of the fridge.

A year later … I photographed it again . It still looked good, enough to photograph anyway.

And then October 2007 …yes, out of the fridge and on to the table … it’s time for your close up.

This apple is not an apple, it’s something that my Daughter gave me. It is something that I document, something I capture … it’s something nobel. Well, in my own scattered mind anyway.

Here is an image I took last night, three apples in different stages of life.