Medfield High School Senior Photography by Medfield Senior Photographer, Dan Busler – Cam Small 2013 Senior

Cam is focused on a number of things, but I think that music is one of the top.


West Side Club – Living the Green

I played a gig in Cleveland not too long ago and brought my camera. I usually don’t becasue, well, I’m busy here .. playing music.

This night the West Side Club was celebrating their heritage and the “People of the Year”.

It is quite the event, but in my opinion the event was secondary to the people and their love of life.
They had a marching band … (Yes, it came marching through the hall) and a kind of beauty queen and lots of honor.

I can tell you, these people are happy. Simple happiness.
Look at that smile …

Yes, honor, pride, love, caring, non-judgement … well maybe they do judge ..
It was a cool night, and I have to slow down and enjoy life.

A Mother’s love is a blessing, one that even a soldier holds so dear.

One Night Stand – Bad Abbots – Busler in the Shadows

One Night Stand aka Uno Nightstand is a Quincy MA band that I recently shot during one of their performances at Bad Abbots .

This was my first time meeting the band, so I just shot a few images of each member so that they could get a taste of my work .

This could be the start of something good.

MIT Resonance – a Cappella

Everyone knows that MIT is a “buttoned down” think tank for nerds … right? Well I beg to differ with that notion. The MIT Resonance a Capella group proves it… the kids from MIT can sing and dance ! Here’s a look at the group when they performed as one of the featured performers at Norwood High School’s A Capella Night.

MIT Resonance – a Cappella

The Brown University Jabberwocks

Rough Boys ! Tough Boys … Bad Boys … Yes those rough and tumble bad boys from Brown University … the Jabberwocks … that jammin’ a Cappella group hit the stage of Norwood High School’s A Cappella Night and tore it up .. then tore it down … It was a Party in the USA … They actually sang that song … no really!

The Brown University Jabberwocks

The Dons – Photo Session with Me

I had the opportunity to do a session with the re-formed Dons – Boston’s rock band. We met on the top floor of one of Boston’s skyscrapers and the view was incredible. But that also meant that the setting sunlight was intense. So we did a few inside shots in the conference rooms and hall ways. It was a great session.

The video also includes some of the posters and the new business card … actually it includes my new business card as well… what a deal!

The Dons Rock the Abbott

The Dons are Boston’s rock band and they have worked very hard to get to that point. And there is no sign of that stopping. This video is images from their performance at Bad Abbotts in Quincy MA on April 18, 2009. It’s kind of a good place for me to capture both the band and the crowd. Everyone was prepared to rock. So sit back and enjoy.